4 Helpful Pregnancy Pillow Tips For Better Sleep
4 Helpful Pregnancy Pillow Tips For Better Sleep

4 Helpful Pregnancy Pillow Tips For Better Sleep

Pregnancy pillow benefits and how to use a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy is amazing for some women and others say it is the worst time of their life.  Sure, you have a little one growing inside of you and it is exhausting. 

The hormones are crazy and you are either starving or so nauseous that you can’t eat the whole time.  As your body grows it is hard to fit in places that you once did and it’s hard to remember that too. 

Pregnancy has your body out of control and it is something that some women are good with while others struggle.  Whichever side of the fence you are on, welcome. 

We get it, pregnancy is a lifetime event that you will never forget.  However, when that baby is born, you will know that it is all worth it.

While you are struggling to get through life, as with most of us, there are things you are going to notice about those changes when you are pregnant.  Sleeping is one of them. 

We all are so tired while pregnant, however, you are not used to something moving inside you and waking you up.  Not to mention that you have to pee every so many minutes.  Sleep is the elusive thing that we wish we could get more of when we are pregnant. 

Get sleep when you are pregnant
Get sleep when you are pregnant

Get sleep when you are pregnant.

Sleep is important during pregnancy.  This is when your body takes time to rest and repairs itself.  There are a lot of repairs to be done when you are pregnant as well. 

This is when your brain makes memories and sleep controls how your body reacts to insulin.  You can get higher sugar levels with less sleep that could lead to gestational diabetes. 

There are some things that have been invented that help you sleep a little more comfortably, pregnancy pillows.  Pregnancy pillows are designed to help you sleep. 

They are there to give your new growing body the support that it needs. When you get to the second trimester your belly bump is going to start to get more and more difficult to sleep with. 

You have to sleep on your side now as there is no way to sleep on your belly and if you sleep on your back you will be laying on a huge vein that is called the vena cava that supplies the blood flow to the placenta. 

These pillows come in different shapes as well as different firmness. Just like any pillow, it is up to the individual to determine what kind of pregnancy pillow will work for you. 

A pregnancy pillow for back pain can help alleviate some back pain.  Let’s take a look at four of the pregnancy pillow benefits based on the design.

C-Shaped pregnancy body pillow
C-Shaped pregnancy body pillow

1-A C-Shaped pregnancy body pillow

A C-shaped pregnancy body pillow is in the shape of, well you guessed it, a C.  This is more curved than another pillow that we will discuss later.  As it is meant to give you both support for your back and your bump. 

Use the top of the C as a pillow for your head and then have your back go along the back of the C while you put the end of the C between your legs.  The end will then support your bump while you attempt at a good night’s sleep. 

U shaped pregnancy body pillow
U shaped pregnancy body pillow

2-U shaped pregnancy body pillow

A U-shaped pregnancy body pillow is similar to the C except the legs are longer and it resembles a U.  It generally is the size of your body and provides a U all the way around you. 

You will be laying in the center of the U with the opening to your feet. This type of pregnancy pillow is pretty large and is not recommended for smaller beds with partners. 

As this would definitely crowd the bed.  However, if you have a larger bed and have space, some people simply love this pregnancy pillow design.  It supports your head, neck, back, and bumps all at one time. 

You can easily turn over, allowing the pressure off your joints for a minute without having to completely readjust the pillow.  This is one of the more popular designs out there and many women really do love them.

Inflatable pregnancy pillows
Inflatable pregnancy pillows

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3-Inflatable pregnancy Pillow

Just about any pregnancy pillow can be made into an inflatable pillow.  This makes it a very popular option.  While you can make the basic pregnancy pillows into inflatable pillows there is another option that is common to find in inflatable pregnancy pillows

That is a way to sleep on your stomach while pregnant.  Yes, it is possible and quite comfortable with the proper pregnancy pillow.  This design will have a hole cut out of the center that allows your belly to hang below. 

For those that always sleep on their stomach, this really feels like a rescue.  An inflatable pillow is perfect as you can make it as soft or hard as you’d like. 

You are not stuck with one firmness as your belly grows and as you grow either.  This is another advantage of having an inflatable pillow.

Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

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Pregnancy wedge pillow

If you like to cuddle in bed, then this quite possibly is the pillow for you.  This is a less invasive pillow that allows you to get the support for your belly or back without having the rest supported. 

Sometimes we need just a little help and that’s what the wedge pillow is meant to do.  You can use it to support your belly or behind you to ensure you don’t roll over on your back while sleeping.  This style of pillow is the smallest of all the different types of pillows and is the least expensive as well.

As you can see there are all kinds of pregnancy pillow benefits to be had.  When you are getting larger by the minute and having trouble sleeping, deciding on a pregnancy pillow might be just what you need. 

Deciding on which pregnancy pillow is about your preference.  Things you should consider is how firm or soft you like your pillows.  Also, what is the best way for you to sleep, is it on your side or stomach? 

You really want to avoid sleeping on your back while pregnant if possible, as we have previously mentioned. 

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