7 Powerful Strategies for Beating Low Back Pain
7 Powerful Strategies for Beating Low Back Pain

7 Powerful Strategies for Beating Low Back Pain

The incidence of low back pain is rising fast and is affecting all aspects of life, not only professional but personal too. One report estimated that low back pain accounts for 2% to 5% (2019 [1]) of all doctor visits in the U.S. Perhaps 20 to 25 percent of these visits involve medication to relieve the pain and about 25 percent involve surgery to correct the problem or visits from searches for chiropractor near me for expert help.

It is not difficult to understand why this problem is so common, especially since back pain is so specific and often occupational, and individuals are unaware of the seriousness of these ailments.

For these reasons, a lot of legitimate back pain goes unreported. But relatively low-back pain cases can be a challenge for patients and fortunately, there are strategies to help you manage your low back pain properly.

Missing Work Due to Back Pain

Back pain is perhaps the most commonly referred to reason for calling in sick in the United States, and for good reason: It afflicts about 21 million adults in the U.S. each year, and although the frequency of exacerbations has declined in recent years, back pain itself is a serious problem for workers, particularly those who work long hours sitting in front of their computer systems or do manual labor.

Several recent studies seem to show that pain is more common than previously believed. One from a 2017 meta-analysis of 53 studies published in the Journal of American Medical Association estimated that roughly 40 million American workers suffer from chronic lower back pain accounting for 264 million lost workdays in one year [5].

The reasons people back out of work are bound to vary, and back pain can be a psychological issue as well as a physical one, so these statistics only offer a rough guide.

Nearly every expert in this field will tell you that a remedy for back pain—or most other chronic or degenerative conditions—is possible with professional chiropractic services.

Why Dismissing Visits For Chiropractic Care Is A Mistake?
Why Dismissing Visits For Chiropractic Care Is A Mistake?

Why Dismissing Visits For Chiropractic Care Is A Mistake

1. Back Pain, Like Other Degenerative Conditions, Is A Sign of a Broader Problem with The Body.

There is an upside to chronic or degenerative conditions of the body: They can lead to the development of medications that alleviate symptoms. But they can also serve as a warning sign that something else is wrong, since research has shown that most of us feel better once we’ve tackled something problematic that is obviously bothering us. That may not be the case for everyone, of course. (Indeed, some inflammatory conditions can cause back pain.) But the majority of people will find ways to work around an aggravation. Not so for people with back pain.

2. Chronic Pain Signals an Underlying Health Problem.

Unlike many ailments chronic pain signals an underlying health problem that extends well beyond the acute period, depending on the kind of pain.

3. Continuous Care Is Necessary

Like a disease, chronic pain can lead to long-term changes that can undermine a worker’s health and ability to succeed in the workplace. But with proper care and professional assistance from chiropractic services, any such issue can be controlled and can even be prevented.

What Is the Main Cause of Visits to The Chiropractor?

The epidemic of opioid addiction has caused a surge in “severe mental and physical ailments,” and radical increase in prescription quantities is only worsening the situation. It’s something you’re not likely to hear from most mainstream med-school professors.

According to a new, unexpectedly wide-ranging study, 25 percent of adults with chronic pain sought chiropractic care last year. That’s enough to make chiropractors the second-most popular treatment after “professional” or “integrative” assistance, in terms of patient numbers, with more than 77 million individuals getting chiropractic treatment—up from 32 million couple of years back.

7 Powerful Strategies for Beating Low Back Pain
7 Powerful Strategies for Treating Low Back Pain

7 Powerful Strategies for Treating Low Back Pain

Beating back pain, one of the most common health problems in the country, is a big issue, thanks to its prevalence and lack of awareness.

Of all the difficulties facing American workers, back pain tops the list. But the dangers of too much sitting are just as great. Back pain is increasing in tandem with increased time spent sitting down in offices and on the job. A recent paper from Columbia found that prolonged sitting increases a person’s chances of developing or getting heart disease due to increased blood sugar levels, excess fat; diabetes, and cancer [3]. A medical research paper published in NCBI concludes that people who spend a lot of time sitting tend to be less healthy than people who sit less [4].

There are several effective things you can do to fight back pain—best practices across the board—and there are practical and psychological solutions for various stages of the disorder.

The initial manifestations can get you out of bed, and even get you going to the gym: exercise may help prevent back pain later on. But for the chronic sort of back pain that often won’t go away, medical assistance from a chiropractor near me must be the norm rather than the exception.

1. Do: Eat and Exercise Right

The overwhelming reason for back pain is not just prolonged sitting, it’s the related problem of managing a sedentary life with no muscle strength. Your diet is the best way to get that muscle strength and build up your fiber quotient.

Exercise is the second-best way, because it not only helps lower back pain but lowers stress levels and contributes to mental and physical health.

2. Massage

Massage is good for any pain, especially the most common types: the kind that comes from nerve damage, sciatica, musculoskeletal problems, and joint and back pain. It’s easy and inexpensive to do.

3. Breathing Exercises

Breathing is one of the most powerful and best things you can do to reduce pain. If you are suffering with back pain, chances are you might have a blocked air passage somewhere. Breathing exercises are one of my favorite ways of helping people in this scenario. Many pain management techniques involve breathing and breathing exercises.

4. Try Not to Binge

If back pain is on your schedule, then you’ve been guilty of this. This isn’t only an issue for your back. It is an issue for all parts of your life in that you need to be aware of your cravings. If you are not careful then these cravings can become addictive. These cravings can lead you to make decisions about your health that you otherwise wouldn’t have made.

5. Focus on The Correct Posture When You Are Standing Up and Walking.

Back pain, like heart disease, is linked to poor health habits. Walking poorly is one of the most overt ways to develop back problems, and good posture is part of good walking. The good news is that good posture will keep you in good shape. A number of doctors, ergonomists, yoga instructors, and teachers recommend practices to get posture right. The usual advice involves simple tweaks:

  1. Think about if your posture is in good shape and making those changes.
  2. Practice good posture every time you do any activity like lifting or standing up. It is a long-term habit.
  3. Let your hands get a bit larger than your shoulders, when you’re standing. It’s nice to have more air under your palms, and helps you use them less, reducing your strain.
  4. Control your arm rests by holding them close when you do certain things – do a little stretching or stretching exercises at the start.

6. Quality Mattress Is Must

If you expect to significantly reduce or even eliminate back pain, then getting a mattress that supports the spine is absolutely crucial.

7. Don’t Be A Victim

When you feel pain, it may be easy to run away from it. But the worst thing you can do is turn into a victim of your pain. You deserve to be helped; NOT punished. If you can learn to take ownership of your pain, then you’ll be able to take more responsibility for the way you treat yourself. If you cannot manage the way you treat yourself, then don’t be afraid to seek help. A professional chiropractic care can have many ways to help you, but ultimately, you will do the best you can.

For any questions regarding pain-reduction, mobility restoration, finding the best chiropractor near me, and how chiropractic care can help your specific condition, contact us and we will be happy to help you. Fighting the pain can sometimes mean you have to seek help from the experts. We will be glad to stand by you and fight the pain back.


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