Benefits Of Eating Eggs The Shell-Shocking Truth
Benefits Of Eating Eggs The Shell-Shocking Truth

Benefits Of Eating Eggs: The Shell-Shocking Truth

In this article, you’ll learn all about the benefits of eating eggs and the shell-shocking truth. Chicken eggs are highly nutritious protein.  Of all the nutrients required by man for growth and healthy living, protein stands on top of the list, making it a base nutrient that must be contained in our daily diets, if balanced diet and growth is a priority.

Eggs are complete foods which contain all nutrients needed by the body, although they aren’t self-sufficient, they are still able to generate important classes of nutrients needed daily by the body.

The Shell Shocking Truth about Eggs

It’s incredible that such a small item could contain so much nutrients, isn’t? Do you know an egg contains all your protein requirements? If you are on a diet and you want to avoid eating meat and fish, your best bet is eating eggs.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that an egg contains:

  • 75 calories
  • 0.6g of carbohydrates
  • 162mg of cholesterol
  • 5.5g of protein
  • 86mg of phosphorus
  • 13.4mcg of selenium
  • 5.5.g of protein
  • 4.2g of fats (total, saturated and omega 3 fats),
  • 15.4mcg of folate
  • 189mg of sodium,
  • 24.6mg of calcium
  • 0.8g of iron
  • 60.3mg of potassium
  • 5.3g of magnesium
  • 0.6mg of zinc
  • 220mcg of Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Furthermore, in eggs, you get all other classes of vitamins including vitamin B5, B6, B12, D, E, K.  As a matter of fact, eggs contain 40% of our daily vitamin D requirements, 25% of our daily folate requirements, and 12% of our daily riboflavin requirements.

In the next section, we’ll explain benefits of these egg nutritional components.

Egg Nutritional Benefits

Eggs boast of several nutrients which are key to a healthy lifestyle. It contains all the essential amino acids which cannot be produced by our bodies. Not to forget, proteins are known to be essential for growth, repair of tissues and building of muscle and bones. In particular, eggs perform the following functions:

  • Skin

The condition of the skin speaks volumes of how nutritious your diet is and they are a reflection of how healthy you are. The vitamin and minerals contained in eggs help our skin stay healthy by repairing worn-out tissues. They also possess vitamin which helps us in the fight against diseases, ensuring our appearance is in perfect shape.

  • Heart

Heart diseases are prevented by regular consumption of eggs in our diet, due to nutrients like betaine and choline which they contain. Research has shown that choline helps in breaking homocysteine, a precursor for heart disease and this has further proven that consumption of eggs reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • Eye

Eggs are rich in Vitamin A with which their deficiency is the leading cause of blindness in the world. Also, antioxidants and carotenoids namely; lutein and zeaxanthin help protect the eyes from blue light, from harmful oxygen-induced radicals and even from cataracts formation.

  • Brain

Choline is an essential nutrient which functions across all departments of our body. It strengthens the membrane and structure of the cells that help the brain and nervous system function effectively. For faster learning and good memory, choline is also important.

  • Muscles and Bones

Vitamin D contained in eggs prevents cases of osteoporosis and rickets by helping build us strong bones with increased muscular mass seeing eggs are also rich in phosphorus.

  • Pregnancy

In pregnant women, eggs help to reduce the risk of disabilities and deformities in the unborn child (fetus) and even after birth it is essential for the proper development of the child’s brain. These several functions are executed by the presence of choline in this type of food.

Eggs and other Health Conditions
Eggs and other Health Conditions

Eggs and other Health Conditions

●      Eggs and Cancer

Eggs can lower the risk of breast cancer in women, this was confirmed by a research study at the prestigious Harvard University. The research study exposed that women who consumed a minimum of 6 eggs every week had a 44% risk reduction in breast cancer than women who did not.

●      Eggs and Diabetes

Due to the low carbohydrate content in eggs, Diabetes Australia recommended the eating up to seven eggs every week by people with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, without an increase in cardiovascular risk factors.

●      Eggs and Weight Loss

Eggs generally can fill our stomachs faster due to their high protein contents, which means that individuals interested in weight loss can replace weight gaining foods with eggs with no fear of additional weight.

Benefits Of Eating Eggs For Skin

It’s no secret by now that eggs can do wonders for your body system, internally. Beyond this, though, eggs also provide you with benefits that are more readily apparent.

Traditionally, eggs have been linked to clearer and more lustrous skin.

As a matter of fact, the cosmetic properties of eggs are widely documented and quite a few products include them in their list of ingredients.

If you choose the natural route, though, eggs on their own can be magnificent for your skin. Here are some benefits of eggs for your skin:

  • Eggs Improve Immune System

Good health is the best medicine, literally, and a healthy immune system ensures that all parts of your body function optimally.

Eggs can give your immune system a boost which can, in turn, help your skin fight off infections and maintain a luscious glow. In other words, eggs can give you the perfect skin, from the inside out.

  • Eggs Prevent Tissue Breakdown In Skin

Eggs contain certain vitamins and minerals that prevent the breakdown of tissue in your skin. These vitamins further strengthen the skin and go a long way towards promoting healthy skin.

  • Eggs Improve Skin Texture

Eggs are great at improving both oily and dry skins. Egg whites contain albumin which is a basic form of protein that removes excess oil and tightens pores on your skin. Egg yolks are also a great source of fatty acids which can provide dry skins with sufficient moisture.

  • Eggs Can Help Your Skin Combat Aging

As we grow older, it’s normal for our skins to start to sag. Egg whites can stretch and make your skin firmer, which is a great natural remedy for bags under the eyes and general puffiness.

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