Can A Chiropractor Help Dizziness?
Can A Chiropractor Help Dizziness?

Can A Chiropractor Help Dizziness?

Can a misaligned spine cause dizziness?  Absolutely!  Poor neck alignment with the head can certainly cause dizziness.  Furthermore, if you have a sudden jerk to the neck, such as a car accident you can get vertigo from that as well. 

Whiplash is another cause of vertigo for people suffering from cervical vertigo. This is when the neck abruptly yanked out of place.  This can cause a lot of damage to not only the spine but also the soft tissue around the spine. 

This means that you need to see a chiropractor whenever you are in a car accident to ensure you didn’t get out of alignment.  Even a small fender bender can have lasting long term damage if not caught in time. 

If you are suffering from vertigo or dizziness and don’t have a reason, try checking in with your local chiropractor.  There they can take some x-rays and really take a look at what is going on. 

Misalignments happen for all kinds of reasons, even something as simple as sleeping wrong.  While many people already sleep on their backs and side, it is important for your spine to try not to sleep on your stomach if at all possible.

This will twist the spine while sleeping can cause all kinds of spinal issues.  While it is hard to keep yourself from sleeping in different positions, when you wake up, you can right yourself and fall asleep again.

Chiropractors have a holistic approach.

A chiropractic approach is different than that of other medical professionals. They work with your entire body to find the source of what is causing the pain.  There isn’t always something that a chiropractor can do to help.  Sometimes vertigo is caused by inner ear issues or other medical problems. 

However, if you have been checked out by a medical professional then a chiropractor may be your best answer.  Chiropractors work on people of all ages and children can be misaligned as well.  Children’s bodies are much more forgiving than older adults but they are affected by car accidents too. 

Be sure to have your children check out by a chiropractor if they have been complaining of joint pain or back pain. Sports and other activities are hard on their bodies and a simple chiropractic manipulation might be just what they need.

What is cervical manipulation?

Cervical manipulation is when the chiropractor takes their hands and physically manipulates the vertebra of the spine.  This will allow the chiropractor to put the natural curvature that we all have in our spine back into place.  This natural curvature gets out of place for a number of reasons such as:

  • Car accidents
  • Poor posture
  • Sleeping wrong
  • Slip and Falls
  • Sports Injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • more

There are many reasons that bring people in to see a chiropractor.  However, if you are experiencing vertigo and believe it is because your spine is out of place, find a chiropractor near you that can help. 

Cervical Manipulation
Cervical Manipulation

Cervical Manipulation

Cervical manipulation is the center of just about everything a chiropractor does.  They may use tools such as traction or an activator instead of just their hands.  However, these are tools that will help them manipulate your spine in a safe manner. 

Oftentimes people with chiropractic needs also have soft tissue issues as well.  This is why you will see some offices pair up with a massage therapist or a physical therapy assistant to help massage out those areas. 

Chiropractors tend to jolt the bones back into place but with the proper massage and soft tissue work is done, it tends to stay in place longer.  However, not all chiropractors practice this method. 

When looking for a chiropractor near you, be sure you find one that offers techniques that you are comfortable with.  Not all chiropractors operate the same. 

Ear care and Chiropractic

All chiropractors, however, will look at your body as a whole.  This is why chiropractic medicine is so effective.  If you have vertigo or are dizzy all the time, chiropractic care may be your answer.

Chiropractors are also great for helping fend off ear infections in little ones.  There are small bones that need to be adjusted in the skull in order for the ears to drain properly.  It is very common for little ones to need adjusting. 

However, common medical practitioners don’t tell you these things.  Because of this, fluid can build up in the ears and ear infections can occur.  These infections can also cause one to be dizzy and you can avoid them with chiropractic care, instead of antibiotics.

Chiropractic and pain management.

A healthy way of living is what chiropractors are all about. They look at the body as a whole and are not for harsh pain killers.  In fact, they have many methods that will assist with pain care that they can discuss with you as well. 

Ice for bone/joint pain and heat for muscle pain is a very common one.  This allows your body to naturally heal from an injury or from going to a chiropractor.  Most times there is very little pain, in fact, if there is pain, it is good pain.  When your spine gets back into the right position you will have less pain and better mobility. 

Most people don’t think of a chiropractor when they are dizzy.  However, they are not just for back and neck injuries and adjustments.  Chiropractic care can actually help with a number of ailments that plague us. 

However, most people don’t think to go there for other things.  Take some time and get in to see your local chiropractor today.  You might be surprised, even if you are not in pain, how out of alignment your body is. 

Over time our poor posture and choices for working and entertainment will cause harm to our bodies.  This will cause our spine to get out of alignment. This does not always cause pain, until it’s too late.  It doesn’t have to be a quick jolt or whiplash. 

In fact, most of us have a misaligned spine and don’t even know it.  This can cause all kinds of health issues, as your body tries to maintain an upright position and keep your head out of the dirt.  If you have vertigo and think it might be from your neck or spine, find a local chiropractor and have them take a look. 

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