Can Acupuncture Strengthen The Immune System?
Can Acupuncture Strengthen The Immune System?

Can Acupuncture Strengthen The Immune System?

The immune system plays a vital role in keeping your body healthy. It’s the one responsible for repelling bacteria and other foreign body invaders that could cause infections. Due to the importance of its function, having a strong immune system is a must. And in this pandemic time, you certainly don’t want to have a weak immune system.

The common things people do to strengthen their immune system is to eat right and exercise regularly. A less known option is acupuncture. So, Can Acupuncture Strengthen The Immune System? The answer is definitely yes. Continue reading below to learn more about it.

What Is Acupuncture?

First, we need to know what acupuncture is. It’s a traditional Chinese medicine practice that stimulates various points in the body through penetrating the skin with needles. It has been known to help relieve pain and other health problems. Among its health benefits is strengthening the immune system.

Acupuncture is more popularly known as a complementary treatment for different health issues including diabetes, depression, anxiety, kidney problems, and a lot more.

Since it uses needles, many would surely ask, is it safe? Yes, it is safe and has been practiced for many years.   It started out in Asia and has since been used around the world.  Finding the best acupuncture near me can help answer more questions that you might have. 

How Does Acupuncture Work?
How Does Acupuncture Work?

How does Acupuncture Work

The practice of acupuncture is based on Chinese philosophy. Practitioners believe that the body is composed of ‘qi’. It is considered to be an invisible force that enhances the human body. Thus, if the qi is properly flowing in your body, you will enjoy good health – physically and mentally. On the contrary, when your qi is blocked and could not flow as it should, then you experience various illnesses.

Due to this philosophy, many believed that the treatment targets a person’s overall well-being. It will help you feel more relaxed which effectively combats anxiety. And when you feel a lot better on the inside, it will manifest in your physical health.

Weak immune system – Causes and Effects

Most chronic diseases start with a weakened immune system. At first, you might feel that it is just a simple cold that would simply go away in a couple of days. Then you continuously neglect it until it becomes a serious infection.

People who have weak immune systems are those who are often exposed to stress and other harmful work-related chemicals that harm the immune system. Poor nutrition could also be a culprit. This is why since we were kids, we were trained to eat nutritious foods to keep us healthy. These types of foods like vegetables and fruits are known as immune system boosters.

Once your immune system is compromised, you might experience any of these:

  • Allergies
  • Common colds
  • Arthritis
  • Immune deficiency syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Body pain
  • Body weakness

If what’s on your mind now is acupuncture near me, you are definitely on the right path to healing. Instead of relying on medicines too often, which we all know could be harmful, going for natural treatment like acupuncture is an excellent choice.

Restoring the immune function with Acupuncture

The immune system irregularities you experience is not the main health problem. It is just one of the symptoms of your underlying health condition. Acupuncture could help treat the real cause of your illness which is the reason why it’s effective. And as the underlying cause is slowly fixed, the symptoms would also slowly improve.

The placing of needles in your body targets the autonomic nervous system. Now, these needles are not just placed in random parts of your body. These are selected acupoints that generate a certain response in your immune system. This speeds up body healing against various forms of infections and effectively dealing with the symptoms you experience.

The procedure is also known to help in the production of interferon which is part of the body’s natural defense against any form of germs or bacteria. It sends a signal that foreign objects are inside your body which might cause harm. Thus, an autoimmune response is performed by the body which means immune cells try to fight such intruders.

Other tips to keep the Immune system strong

Aside from trying out acupuncture, here are some nice tips to keep your immune system strong. Now is definitely the right time to start thinking about your immune system before it’s too late.

Getting Regular And Enough Sleep

With our busy lives and busy schedules, we are often very busy.  When we have some downtime, we like to watch videos, tv, movies, play games, or hang out on social media.  This, however, can be detrimental to us getting the sleep that we need.  Many people will lose track of time and end up staying up far later than anticipated.  This is not good for your immune system. You need to get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep affects the immune system’s ability to fight infection. Studies show that if you sleep less than 7 hours, your chances of getting ill are very high.


One of the things that greatly affects our immune system is stress. Be sure that you are aware of your stress sources so you could avoid them.  Though you love social media, if it stresses you out, you might think about limiting your time on it.

Focus more on doing the things you love and enjoy like gardening, painting, or spending more time with your family. Trying out some de-stressing activities like yoga, meditation, and massage would also help.

Drink Herbal Teas

There is evidence showing that drinking herbal teas boosts the immune system. Teas are definitely much better than other beverage options you have at home. Drink your cup of tea in the morning and in the evening – you will surely feel its calming effect.

If you have decided to improve the condition of your immune system, start with finding the clinic near you that is best in acupuncture therapy. If you find them online you are able to see what others think about that particular clinic.  This will give you a good indication of what others think about that clinic and know if it is the best acupuncture therapy near me

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