Can Chiropractic Treatment And Massage Therapy Treat Pain?
Can Chiropractic Treatment And Massage Therapy Treat Pain?

Can Chiropractic Treatment And Massage Therapy Treat Pain?

As we age, we will soon find that lifting that box of books or sleeping wrong can mean a world of pain. That’s right, it is a good reminder that we are aging and we probably haven’t maintained the properly aligned spine as we should have. 

However, there is hope.  With proper massage and chiropractic benefits we can get your spine back the way it should be.  For some, this may be a slow going process, while others will have immediate relief.  It really depends on the extent of the injury as well as the rest of your overall health.

Our spine is made up of 3 natural forming curves.  When these curves get off, we find ourselves with a misaligned spine. 

When your spine is misaligned, if may not cause pain, however, it is not as strong as it should be, so picking up something heavy or moving incorrectly could make something snap and start to pinch on nerves

This is where the pain begins.  When the spine is perfectly aligned, it is stronger than when it is not. 

Combining Chiropractic And Massage Therapy For A More Gentle Approach.

Have you ever seen older people that are all hunched over? Most of the time, they say they are not experiencing any pain. 

However, they obviously have poor posture.  Poor posture is not going to correct itself.  In fact, it will just get worse over time without the intervention of a chiropractor and massage therapist

Combined they will loosen up those tight muscles that are holding the bones in the inappropriate place and pop the bones back into place.  By using a combination of these services, you are not jarring your body back into place without warming it up first. 

This means that you will most likely have better success at keeping your new posture than before.

When you are in pain and are seeking out chiropractic treatment, be sure to ask them what types of things you should do in your life differently to keep you from getting into this posture again. 

Most of us, for example, have computers that have monitors right on our desks.  This sort of set up makes us look down a lot, causing a strain on the neck and upper back. 

Moving your monitor up will help keep your proper alignment.  This is only one suggestion as there are countless devices that have us looking down a lot.  But, try to think of these things and change them.

Also, try to come up with ways that you can force yourself to look up more.  Perhaps put your tv up a little higher or your computer monitors.  Maybe throw your phone screen onto your tv, so that you can enjoy what you are watching in your hand, up on the bigger screen?  Of course these are some suggestions. 

Maintain A Strong Spine
Maintain A Strong Spine

Work On Things At Home That Could Help Your Posture.

Other suggestions are getting your working area ergonomically correct.  Be sure that you are not hunched over all the time.  Find activities that get you moving and be mindful of your posture are all great ways to help you, help yourself. 

Chiropractors and massage therapists are great not just for those times you are in pain, but for maintenance.  Our posture is always taking a hit from slip and falls to carrying in heavy things. 

We are prone to having a more severe injury if our backs are out to begin with.  Keeping up on the maintenance will ensure that your back is as strong as it can be.  This will help with slipped disks and things that cause nerve pain.

People often think of massage for relaxation.  However, there is a medical form of massage that helps loosen up the soft tissues. 

They may even do a myofascial release that stretches out the fascia, which is what connects your muscle tissue to your bones. This tissue can get rather bound up at times and will need to be worked on, alongside the bone structure. 

Poor posture affects the entire body.  Having both the proper types of massages combined with the chiropractic care will allow you to have a better overall outcome. 

Poor posture is everywhere.  You might have been told to sit up straight and walk with shoulders back.  However, as we age, gravity and our lifestyle take a toll on us. 

This is very noticable in the older generations that didn’t have the chiropractic experiences that are offered today.  Today, we understand better than ever on how the body is put together and how to help it heal itself.

Chiropractors Are All-Natural.

Chiropractors are not about medicine, but about allowing the body to do what it was created to do.  Your body was equipped with a healing mechanism.

However, most medical doctors will simply want to throw medicine at you or try to “fix” the one area that is causing pain, when in fact, it could be something else that made that area have pain in the first place.

Chiropractors look at your entire body.  We study your posture.  Your posture actually has a lot to do with many parts of the body from your neck down to your feet. Everything was made with a proper alignment, there are pads and cushions in place to take the jarring of walking and running. 

However, if you are not aligned properly, you will not get the benefits of these natural pads and cushions that are found throughout your body.  Instead, you will start to grind them. 

If you are physically crooked, you should be able to see it in a photograph or mirror.  This isn’t rocket science, it is pretty obvious.  You could be crooked front to back or side to side. 

Most people’s heads and necks are crooked with their head going forward.  This forward translation will get worse over time as gravity pulls on the head and the neck muscles give way. With massage and chiropractic you can reverse the effects that poor posture has had on your body.

This is typically a slow process, as it didn’t happen overnight on how you got in this position.  But, combining these two services will speed up the process while making it a little more gentle on you.

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