Can Chiropractors Help High Blood Pressure?
Can Chiropractors Help High Blood Pressure?

Can Chiropractors Help High Blood Pressure?

The health of the spine is responsible for the health of the body in various ways.  Sometimes, the spine is feeling stressed, and it cannot communicate with the heart properly. This causes high blood pressure. 

Chiropractic care is one option to help high blood pressure. Effects of chiropractic treatment on blood pressure are phenomenal because it has no side effects, and you do not need medication for chiropractic treatments.

High blood pressure has become a major concern of people, and it may lead to heart disease, kidney failure and cognitive disease. According to recent research, chiropractic treatment is two times more productive than medicine. There is no need to just take drugs, but it may take some time to see the results.

Side Effects of Medication

Medication always has some side effects, and it has been observed that people using medicine to control their blood pressure are facing crucial results. They face frequent urine problem, and their sex drive decreases.

Over 80% of people are facing these issues after using drugs. But according to recent studies, more than 40 million adults in the USA are facing high blood pressure problems and they rely on medication. These are very alarming results. 

Most people do not like to take medicine regularly as they should. This one-sided behaviour is a hurdle to treat hypertension, as hypertension increases heart attack cases.

Causes of High Blood Pressure And Their Chiropractic Treatment
Causes of High Blood Pressure And Their Chiropractic Treatment

Causes of High Blood Pressure And Their Chiropractic Treatment

If you are facing high blood pressure problems, you should visit a chiropractor near me for safe and productive treatment. This treatment takes 6 to 8 weeks usually but no need of any medicine.

Chiropractors use different techniques to relax your body and spine. Many chiropractors massage to help you, and it helps the patient to feel less stress and their health improves gradually.

Let’s have an overview of the most prominent causes of high blood pressure and know the effects of chiropractic treatment on blood pressure.

Chronic Back Pain

Back pain disturbs the lifestyle of patients, and they are not able to manage their life activities. It is essential that you find a chiropractor to deal with back pain properly.

Otherwise, it will affect the cardiovascular system. Many studies show that there is a direct connection between back pain and high blood pressure. It means that if you are suffering from lower back pain for a long time, you may have heart problems as well.

People never pay attention to back pain.  Oftentimes they do home remedies to treat it. But this is a dangerous choice.  You really should seek out treatment from a licensed chiropractor. 

In other words, you are doing self-damage by ignoring it. Do not ignore back pain. Visit a chiropractor and get the proper treatment that your body deserves.

How Chronic Pain Cause High Blood Pressure?

Chronic pain is associated with the spine, and has many dangerous impacts on our overall health. This indicates the relationship between pain and blood circulation, why many heart problems are because of chronic back pain. Pain increases blood pressure because of weaker communication between brain and heart.

Neck Alignment

Doctors are busy exploring the reasons behind high blood pressure. Some recent researches show that neck alignment plays a critical role in the rise of hypertension. To observe the effects of chiropractic treatment on blood pressure, the Journal of Human Hypertension did an experiment. 

The results of the experiment showed that patients who had chiropractic adjustments, had a decrease on average of 17 points. Two doses of medicine cannot show the same results.

Many people wonder how can a pinched nerve cause high blood pressure? Because spinal twisting causes pinching of nerves that are a major cause of discomfort. If you are facing the same issue you need to visit a certified chiropractor. 

Most medical doctors only treat the area of pain. However, chiropractors look at the body as a whole and treat the body as a whole.  There are reasons why there is pain or the body isn’t functioning as it should. They look for those reasons and oftentimes the reason can be found in the spine.

How Neck Pain Affects Blood Pressure

C-1 Vertebra is located at the top of the spine, and it usually causes neck pain as well. It controls whole-body movements and blood circulation. The twisting of Vertebra causes pinching of arteries and veins in the neck area, which affects the blood circulation in this part of the body.

When it gets out of alignment, it needs an immediate visit to the nearest chiropractor for neck alignment. When the spine is in original states, blood flow becomes normal, and blood pressure starts to decrease.

Pinched Nerves

Countless studies have been performed to determine if a spine issue could cause blood pressure problems.  It was found that yes, pinched nerves are indeed causing high blood pressure.

These nerves have a closed path for the flow of blood and cause pain as well. A pinch nerve mostly happens when any part of the spine faces severe pressure. This pressure can be external or because of stress.

If you are facing pain due to pinching of nerves, you need to visit a chiropractor. Otherwise, it will create heart problems for you.

You need to know the effects of chiropractic treatment on pinched nerves to reduce blood pressure. Chiropractors are expert in releasing stress from any part of the body.

Another factor to choose chiropractic care is because it is a natural way to treat pinched nerves. If you choose a chiropractic process to get rid of pinched nerves, you do not need any surgery or medicine. You just need to follow simple steps that will help you to be fit naturally.

How can a pinched nerve can cause high blood pressure?
How can a pinched nerve can cause high blood pressure?

How can a pinched nerve can cause high blood pressure?

Pinched nerves can be painful, and there is a decrease passage of blood. These parts of the body feel a shortage of oxygen and signals pass to the brain to increase the supply of blood.

The brain responds quickly, and there is an increase in breathing and heart rate. It is more common in diabetics or during pregnancy. Sometimes, laying in bed or sitting in a certain position also increases blood pressure.

The effects of chiropractic treatment for blood pressure cannot be underestimated. It is a natural way to maintain the flow of blood. A chiropractor works knowing the importance of the relationship between the spine and brain.

If you are a victim of high blood pressure, you need to visit a chiropractic care center along with a medical physician.

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