Can Chiropractors Help With SI Joint Dysfunction?
Can Chiropractors Help With SI Joint Dysfunction?

Can Chiropractors Help With SI Joint Dysfunction?

Are you looking for a chiropractor for SI Joint pain near me? The internet is vast and there are many chiropractors out there.  It is helpful to find a chiropractor for SI joint pain near me to ensure you don’t have long travels to get help. 

While you’re in pain, you don’t want to be in a car for a long time.  Also, you will be seeing the chiropractor for many visits throughout the coming weeks. Typically, there are several visits planned based on your treatment plan.

You can certainly space them out as much as possible or get them done and over with. Your SI Joint dysfunction chiropractor will discuss with you your options and help you with determining the best frequency for your visits. 

Yes, there will certainly be more than one visit for most patients.  So, be sure to plan for that.

While you are experiencing lower back pain and radiating leg pain, some people think that SI Joint dysfunction is really being caused by a lumbar disc herniation. 

However, with proper x-rays, the chiropractor can determine what is causing your pain and what the solution will be after they take a look at those Xrays.

The best treatment for sacroiliac pain

Chiropractors tend to do things in an all-natural way.  This means that you are not at risk of getting addicted to some pain medication. They will manually manipulate your bones in a manner that will adjust how your Sacroiliac Joints are seated in the body. 

This isn’t normally horribly painful.  But, because they are shifting bones and tissue, you might need some ice or heat packs later in the day. 

There are supports and braces out there that help with the SI joint.  As some people find that theirs is actually loose.  This will help to stabilize it while undergoing SI joint treatment. 

While sacroiliac pain is hard to deal with, chiropractic care can help.  The best treatment for sacroiliac pain isn’t the same for everyone.  Just as with any chiropractic treatments, you will have a personalized treatment plan for your situation. 

There are many reasons for landing yourself into the chair of a chiropractor.  While some come because of pain, others come for preventative measures.

Our daily lives are full of opportunities to get out of alignment.  However, when your posture is affected by poor alignment, your body will wear down over time.  This will cause aches and pains that we start to feel as we get older. 

Good Posture vs Bad Posture
Good Posture vs Bad Posture

Our Body by Design – A Chiropractor’s Perspective

Most of us will start to get a rounded shoulder look over time.   This is because most of what we do requires us to look down.  Our bodies were not designed for this.  We were designed to work.  Think of our ancestors.  They did far more manual labor than we do today. 

Many of us work with computers and have our monitors on our desks.  However, you should put your monitor at eye level.  This might mean that you need to prop it up on some books or get a shelf to get the monitors up.  Also, get your TVs up to help with looking up more.

Many of our chores lend themselves to poor posture as well.  Many people are bent over a garden, dishwater, or laundry.  We are bending over and looking down far more than our bodies are designed too.

This will start to disfigure the spine’s natural curves, which will lead to misalignment over time.  This is how most people end up in the chiropractor’s office.  This misalignment can cause all kinds of different ailments, including sacroiliac joint pain. 

While poor posture is one way that people find their way to the chiropractor, it is not the only way.  Auto accidents and falls cause the need for chiropractic care too.  A quick jolt to the body can jar bones and tear tissue rather easily.  This too can cause joint pain. 

When experiencing back pain, check with your chiropractor.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is typically caused by too little or too much movement.  While it is good to rest, sitting and laying around all the time can lead to sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SI Joint Pain)

You really need to see your chiropractor if you are experiencing back pain. While most people see a medical doctor when they are in pain, a chiropractor is better suited for relief.

Many medical doctors are only going to give you medications to treat your pain.  But, that doesn’t get to the root of the problem.  So, the pain will return and possibly get worse too.  The root of the problem should be addressed and that’s how a chiropractor works. 

They look for the root of the problem and where the source of the problem is.  Sometimes it is not where the pain is at all.  Something in the lower back can cause upper back pain and visa versa.

This is why you need to find a chiropractor near me that is reliable and has experience in what they are doing.  You need someone that will take an x-ray and study it to determine the best course of action for your particular case.  Everyone is different and everyone has their own set of issues to work through.

Chiropractic Treatment Plans
Chiropractic Treatment Plans

Chiropractic treatment plans

The chiropractor will go over the treatment plan on your second visit to determine the course of action that you are going to take. This could be manual manipulation, traction, massage, physical therapy, acupuncture or a combination of these. 

They may also discuss your diet, exercise, and give you some exercises to do at home.  Sometimes they will ask questions about your work and how much you are sitting and standing at one time. 

Take a look at your workstation and determine if there is a better set up to help prevent you from getting poor posture.

When treating a patient with Sacroiliitis, it will take time.  Be patient and follow the treatment plan that the doctor ordered.  Be sure that you are allowing yourself enough rest and ask the doctor what position you should rest in. 

This area can be affected by how you sit and you may need to lay for rest.  By asking your doctor, you will know what to do.

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