Can Watermelon Juice Prevent And Relieve Muscle Soreness?
Can Watermelon Juice Prevent And Relieve Muscle Soreness?

Can Watermelon Juice Prevent And Relieve Muscle Soreness?

Can Watermelon Juice Prevent And Relieve Muscle Soreness?
Can Watermelon Juice Prevent And Relieve Muscle Soreness?

If your bodybuilding workouts are leaving your muscles sore and tender, then you might be very happy to hear that the secret of overcoming this problem, which faced majorly by many athletes, can be dealt with a glass of natural watermelon juice. Watermelon, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, can lessen sore and tender muscles after a workout.

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The results which were recently published in the journal revealed that the fruit is full of certain substances, including antioxidants, which boost muscle protein and help bodybuilders and athletes feel and perform better after a long training session. These antioxidants, together with the L-citrulline amino acid, also help relieve muscle aches naturally, and the result is reduced discomfort after a workout.

The study, whose main aim was to find out whether natural watermelon juice enriched with L-citrulline, has more benefits than the natural juice or the control beverage, was conducted by researchers from the Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena, a Spanish university. The test featured a group of healthy volunteers divided into three groups. The first group drank water watermelon juice, the second group drank watermelon juice enriched with L-citrulline and the third the control beverage without L-citrulline. The volunteers, regardless of their groups, drank the juice one hour prior to exercises and were tested for heart rate and muscle soreness 24 hours later after exercising.

The results showed that the natural watermelon and enriched L-citrulline watermelon juice groups, experienced lower muscle pain and soreness after their workouts that the control beverage group, who had no amino acid in their drinks. The researchers also revealed surprising results that the watermelon juice, which was not enriched with L-citrulline, was the most effective of the three. This is because the juice from watermelon contains the ideal balance of amino acid that boosts muscle protein and reduces post-workout soreness to a great degree. Bodybuilders and athletes can therefore, easily control muscle pain and soreness by simply eating the watermelon or drinking its juice an hour before heading to the gym rather than investing in other products.

Researchers have proven the ability of watermelon juice to prevent and relieve muscle soreness. Past studies have also shown that massage can also help the regrowth of body cells and aid muscle recovery after workouts. On the other hand, medications developed for pain relief have been found to prolong pain because they subdue the body’s response to inflammation. Past studies have shown that painkillers meant to reduce inflammation after long hours of exercise actually lead to longer periods of soreness in the muscles.

Watermelon is a great source of citrulline. This amino acid is converted into arginine by the kidney, helping improve cardiovascular health and perks up the flow of blood. This process also cuts the buildup of fatty cells, which is caused by enzyme activity called TNAP, tissue nonspecific alkaline phosphatase. If you are therefore looking for a better recovery after your daily workouts, then you may find an excellent relief with massage therapy, improved nutrition with watermelon and with chiropractic care.

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