Chiropractic Doctors Stress Importance of Maintaining Good Health through Flexibility Exercises
Chiropractic Doctors Stress Importance of Maintaining Good Health through Flexibility Exercises

Chiropractic Doctors Stress Importance of Maintaining Good Health through Flexibility Exercises

As more and more Americans become aware they cannot live a couch potato lifestyle and remain healthy, the maintenance of good health through flexibility exercises has caught on big time. Add to this a schedule of cardio workouts geared towards your age and current physical condition and we are seeing fewer people needing medical care for common health issues. Let’s take a look at why these forms of exercise are so important for all of us no matter what your age is.

First is the sedentary life style most Americans live. At work a large percentage of us are working in office environments, usually at a computer plus on the phone all day long. This is not like in the past where work actually involved hard physical work. Just sitting poorly with bad posture for eight hours a day in the office will lead to back and nerve issues requiring the attention of a chiropractor. Throw in the fact most people then leave the office, hit the couch as soon as they get home, and wonder why they have aches and pains throughout their bodies.

Good health through flexibility exercises is the answer to these common problems. Along with eating a well-balanced diet, stretching exercises and cardio workouts are vital if you want to maintain a strong, limber, and pain free body long into your elderly years. These forms of exercise are NOT like what you may be thinking. This is not strength training like you would do in a gym for bulking up. Flexibility, NOT building muscle mass is the goal, and along with these simple to perform exercises your body slowly becomes more limber and stronger. This in turn lessens the chances of back strains, pinched nerves, along with more endurance and a better overall physical condition.

Before beginning any form of exercise, plan a visit to your doctor and have a complete check-up. They will then direct you to a good physical fitness trainer or give you an easy to follow schedule of what you can do in the comfort of your home.

Always spend at least 5 minutes warming up by performing easy things such as walking in place, mild side to side leans, bending at the waist and leg lifts. These should be done in a slow and non-stressing way. Once you have your blood circulating then go through the series of scheduled exercises. Start all exercise programs slowly at first and over the following weeks add to the level of how hard you push yourself as well as the time spent performing these exercises.

We all can have good health through flexibility exercises and live longer, healthier lives free of unnecessary aches and pains!

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