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Chiropractic Physician’s Patient Care Are Highlighted in New AMA Report

The highly respected and “go to” Journal of American Medical Association has released a new report covering the effective care provided by chiropractic physicians and their approach and treatment of LBP, or lower back pain. This is a condition I had suffered from years ago before seeking the treatment of a chiropractor, and millions of Americans must deal with LBP on a daily basis. This does not have to be so if these individuals would seek the care of their local chiropractic doctor.

The AMA article went into various causes for lower back pain and the different symptoms exhibited by those individuals who are suffering from this debilitating health condition. Common causes for this condition have a wide range of reasons but the AMA article pointed out the LBP comes down to problems with nerves becoming pinched between the vertebrae of your lower back.

They go on to point out chiropractic physicians are highly trained to recognize the associated symptoms, and have the training to treat this LBP in a very effective and cost saving manner. It should be mentioned that severe lower back pain often associated with very traumatic damage to the spine should be examined by specialists in this specific field. But for those who suffer from common lower back issues resulting in stiffness, lack of movement, and moderate to mild pain will be well served to visit their local chiropractor first.

Chiropractors are specifically trained to use “therapeutic treatments to deal with LBP. This is the opposite of how typical family MD’s or specialists such as back surgeons deal with this health issue. Your Family doctor will either prescribe medications or physical therapy or a combination of these two. The back specialists will do invasive surgery when the LBP truly requires this, but most of this can be avoided by visiting a chiropractor first.

Your chiropractor will not recommend getting medications such as pain killers from a MD unless absolutely necessary because many people become “addicted” to the medication while the root cause never is addressed. Chiropractors will treat the root cause of the LBP problem with specific non-invasive treatments, and only if the condition requires medication will it then be referred out for a prescription from a medical doctor. This is by far the best method for those who seek relief from LBP, as confirmed by the AMA article. Plus the savings in cost are very substantial for those who may not have insurance coverage.

If you are one of the millions of Americans living with daily low back pain, do yourself a favor and visit one of the chiropractic physicians in your area. They will fix you up as good as new!  

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