Deep Breathing The Universal Shutoff Switch To Stress
Deep Breathing The Universal Shutoff Switch To Stress

Deep Breathing, The Universal Shutoff Switch To Stress

When you take a deep breath you feel relaxed. A deep breath is a basic shutoff switch to anxiety or stress. The air you breathe in can be either good or harmful to you depending on the environment and how you breathe the air.

Paying attention to your breathing patterns can make a good impact on your stress levels. Breathing properly improves your health so it is necessary to breathe-in well and properly expel air. All the cells in our body are powered by the air we inhale.

Living without breathing is like having a pen case without ink in it and that renders it useless. Every part of our body needs air to survive. Therefore, as humans, it is the air we breathe in that keeps us alive, without it we amount to nothing.

Getting enough air is very essential to living a healthy life. Sometimes you may find it hard to breathe properly due to a stuffed nose or when you’ve got yourself worked up especially after an exercise in the morning.

Deep breathing can help reduce stress as you slowly inhale, expanding your belly and rib cages. The lungs play an important role in keeping us strong and well. It is advisable to take good care of our lungs by staying hydrated.

Gaseous emissions are very dangerous to us as it affects our lungs leading to several diseases such as cancer. Without sufficient air [oxygen] people are likely to suffer from illnesses most especially respiratory illness and heart diseases.

It is safer to go see a doctor when you feel pain while breathing and you have a short breath in carrying out a simple activity. If you feel the cause of your irregular breathing is beyond traditional medicine, you can go see a chiropractor. A chiropractor can also help with your breathing problems We’ll now go into some of the benefits of deep breathing.

Deep Breathing Benefits
Deep Breathing Benefits

Deep Breathing Benefits     

Deep breathing is also known as diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing which enables more airflow into your body and can help calm your nerves, thereby reducing stress levels. Practicing deep breathing regularly will be helpful to you.

We sometimes just breathe without thinking about the effects. You need to breathe in slowly and gently through the nose for five seconds. Then you hold your breath for 3 seconds and expel the air. Following this routine will definitely help improve your breathing. Here are some benefits of deep breathing:  

  • Lessens stress and anxiety

When you feel so worked up after the days’ job, it’s good to take deep breaths. Taking a deep breath will help you feel calm and good.

  • Improves our immunity to diseases

When you take deep breaths, it improves your immunity to diseases as your blood is fully oxygenated. The cleaner your blood is the more difficult it is for illnesses to stay in your system.

  • Lowers blood pressure and improves its circulation

Taking a deep breath helps lower blood pressure and improves its circulation. 

  • Increases our energy

When you take a deep breath, it increases your energy as you’ll have enough oxygen to allow your body system to function more actively.

  • Improve your attention span and lower pain levels

Did you know that people who take a deep breath before acting tend to be calmer while engaging in activities that require critical thinking? Deep breathing helps to improve your attention span and lower pain levels.

  • Aids digestion and regulates heart rate

If you are experiencing episodes of indigestion after taking glasses of water, then you need to practice deep breathing. Deep breathing aids in digestion and also regulates our heart rate.

  • Straightens Spine

Taking a deep breath straightens your spine and helps in supporting a good posture.

Benefits Of Focusing On The Breath
Benefits Of Focusing On The Breath

Benefits of focusing on the breath

“Focusing on the breath” is an expression used instead of the word ‘meditation’ which has to do with being present with what is. There is a connection between breathing and meditating.

The best way in meditation is to focus on your breathing. Achieving a better focus on your breath does not mean you need to stop taking deep breaths. It’s just a pinpoint to knowing how to meditate calmly when you are stressed out. Here are the benefits of focusing on breath;

  • Reduces depression

In this fast paced world where you have a massive workload piled up, coupled with ever raging bill payments ranging from gas to school fees, depression is an arm’s length away from most people’s lifestyles. Focusing on the breath would not just reduce depression, but more so it would help eliminate it.

  • Develop a sound mind

Most people that practice focusing on the breath often possess sound minds. Their body awareness is activated which empowers them to make valuable observations.

  • Drains off negativity

Focusing on the breath drains off the negativity and aligns you towards positivity in all aspects of life. Those that meditate are often seeking out for better alternatives to calamities or precarious situations, leaving no room for worry or negative thoughts.

  • Disciplines the mind

Focusing on the breath is a great technique to discipline the mind, especially if you are dealing with any bad habits or addiction. I know how difficult it could be dropping that habit. So, as much as you’ve tried many methods and failed, focusing on the breath technique would discipline you to be committed to your set goals in dropping your addiction.

  • Relieves anxiety and enables good sleep

If you find yourself worrying every time (and you’re still worried about this situation), focusing on the breath is a great way to calm down your nerves. An additional benefit of practicing focusing on the breath if you are suffering from anxiety is that you’ll be able to enjoy your sleep.


As human beings, inhaling good air is important to us as well as keeping our body fit. Without air, we are just like a bottle with no fluid in it. Accessing our breath should be done regularly to keep our minds in check so as not to act irrationally in some cases.

I suggest slowly taking in deep breaths to help reduce stress as we can’t help but get tired after a days’ job. But that’s not always the case. A sprinter may have unusual breathing due to the pressure on the body during a sprint or race of a few miles. It is advisable to meditate to reduce the tension so as to calm and clear your mind. 

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