Discover the Best Lower Body Exercises for Women
Discover the Best Lower Body Exercises for Women

Discover the Best Lower Body Exercises for Women

It has been observed in females that their quads are stronger compared to their hamstrings and glutes and it doesn’t matter how much physical activity they do in a daily basis. This is mostly due to the fact that most activities in one way or another involve your quads. Whether it’s standing up, going up a flight of stairs, tying shoes, etc., your quads are always involved. So read on to discover the best lower body exercises for women

This isn’t the first time that women have been seen to work more of their quads than their hamstrings. The thing is, there isn’t any problem with the quads being stronger since the ratio to hamstrings is 2:3. Although too big of a difference in the ratio will send your body in disarray. This increases injuries pertaining to your hamstrings and knees. Studies have shown that females are more prone to injure the knee compared to their male counterparts. To top it all off, there are physiological disparities such as hormone increases and anatomical variances to think about. If the hammies and glutes are too weak, this can lead to flat-bottom syndrome.

Women don’t have to fret, though. There are tons of ways to keep the ratio constant and help decrease the chances of injury in females. All it takes is training the muscles to keep the balance in the knee joint. When it comes to the hammies and glutes, all you have to do is work them more and you’ll get that booty of your dreams in no time! Working on your legs twice a week is just what you need if you want to work on defining your lower body. Quads don’t need any isolation workouts since most of the lower back exercises already affect the quads in one way or another. Squats and lunges got the job done by working on the different muscles of your lower half. Increasing your strength in your glutes and hammies can be achieved by conquering them so it’ll have symmetry with your quads.

You may be gaining muscle mass but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It actually makes it easier to lean out and lose the fat and the amount of energy it takes to maintain those muscles will be a great help in the burning of calories. Days in the gym where you have to focus on your legs won’t be your favorite but the results will pay for all the efforts!

The lying leg curl is an exercise that requires a machine for you to operate. It focuses on improving your hamstrings, glutes and calves. You start by setting up the leg curl machine and lying face down with the lever of the machine behind your legs. Make sure your torso is directly

Discover the Best Lower Body Exercises for Women
Discover the Best Lower Body Exercises for Women

on the bench and with legs outstretched, grab the side handles and position your toes. Exhale and curl your legs as far as you can but make sure not to lift the upper legs from the pad until you contract. Hold it for a second. Inhale and go back to the starting position. To add a bit of a challenge, you can place a dumbbell in between the feet with the help of a partner.

The dumbbell exercise is another one that can improve the definition of your hams. Your starting position is with you standing while holding two dumbbells on your sides. Step your right leg back at least two feet and inhale as you lower your upper body down. Make sure your torso is upright and you stay balanced throughout. Make sure your knees stay below your toes when you go down or that would mean additional stress to your knee. The length of the lunge also determines where the focus is. A long one works on the Gluteus Maximus while the opposite emphasizes the quads. Do a push up and exhale as you return to the starting position. To accentuate the quads, use the ball of your feet while you press with your heels if you want to work the glutes.

To add a bit of difficulty, your starting position could be one of your feet already forward or you could do walking lunges. Advanced athletes can carry barbells on their back while doing lunges while those still starting should stick to dumbbells to work on their balance.

The butt lift is an exercise that works your glutes and hamstrings and it starts with your back on the floor, hands on your sides and knees bent with your feet in shoulder width. While you exhale, push with your heels and lift your hips off the floor but make sure to keep your back straight. Breathe in while returning to the starting position. Challenge yourself by doing one left at a time to make it more difficult.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to do your leg days twice a week and since this is the case you may have to venture into investing into supplements than can aid your journey to that firm booty. Glutamine and omega-3 fatty acids have been recommended to assist recovery for such cases. When you do heavy training on those parts of the body, your glutamine deposits are left below normal which leads to higher risks of getting sick since the immune system isn’t as strong and infections are very common.

A daily supplement stack of glutamine of at least 20-30 grams could be a great way to recover quicker and will prevent any sick days and skipping gym days. Inflammation is common after a tedious work out so adding 1000 grams of omega 3 can help reduce that. With the right supplements, you’ll be in top condition quicker and you’ll be brimming with energy and intensity for your next workout session.

If machines are worrying you, you have a choice to use the adductor or not. The muscles will be worked even if you just focus on sitting back when doing squats and making sure the knees are always in line with the toes. A secret to a little extra booty is doing a deadlift when you’re on your back day at the gym and you’ll be getting better results quicker.

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