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Drinking Water Is Vital For Good Health

Drinking Water Is Vital For Good Health

Drinking Water Is Vital For Good Health

Drinking Water Is Vital For Good Health

We, as consumers, are being bombarded on a daily basis by all the advertisements for drinking sports drinks, coffee, tea, sodas, beer, and the list goes on. While an occasional drink of these is not going to send your health into a downward spiral, a daily habit of consuming these refreshments IS detrimental to your overall health. What about water? Drinking water is one of the healthiest things you can do for your overall health, but far too many of us drink very little of this healthy fluid. Let’s take a look at why drinking water is vital for good health.

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Consider this fact: over 50 percent of the weight of a human body is water. While this might sound unlikely to many, it is in fact true, and replenishing this fluid so you avoid dehydration is just one of the many reasons why drinking water is vital for good health.

The recommended amount of water a person needs to drink daily varies according to body size, weight, temperatures, and activity levels. Under normal circumstances 8 to 10 glasses of water weighing eight ounces each is what should be consumed daily.

Water also cleans your digestive tract, flushes out toxins from the bloodstream and liver, helps all other internal organs function well, and is a great way to help lose weight. If you drink the recommended amounts of water each day you are going to feel far fewer hunger pains as you stomach is already well hydrated and full.

For those who may have problems digesting food it is quite possible the cause is not drinking the recommended daily amount of water. Water helps the digestive system breakdown solid foods so you receive the full nutritional value and are able to easily pass the foods through your system.

Dehydration has been proven to result in muscle cramps, abdominal pain, being fatigued quickly, lethargic, a rise in your blood pressure, headaches, included painful migraine headaches, very dry skin, and eventual death if the body becomes very dehydrated. An extra reason, as if we need one, is drinking the daily recommended amount of water has been proven by research to help lower the risks of developing bladder and colon cancer.

The human body has a very intricate circulation system fueled by water. This means drinking water is vital to all aspects of our well-being. For those who just dislike the plain taste of water, try adding a squeezed lemon to your water for a more flavorful drink.

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