Get Your Text Neck Under Control
Get Your Text Neck Under Control

Get Your Text Neck Under Control

Texting technology is a blessing with its numerous health disadvantages in disguise. Addiction to texting especially among teenagers and youths have become the norm. They are on the phone all day texting and engaging with both friends and strangers on different social media platforms.

However, this popular condition has resulted in a syndrome known as text neck among many people. Text neck refers to a situation whereby the neck assumes a transfixed position as a result of unusually putting one’s neck forward when texting on mobile or using a laptop.

Due to how fast the world evolves, phone calls have reduced to the barest minimum and texting is now the preferred medium to pass across information. People hardly place calls to others even their family because texting is easy, simple and obviously trending. But the truth is that it has its adverse effects.

Texting is addictive and obsessive. It makes people oblivious of their environment such that they even text walking on the road or even while driving. Even though texting in these manners are quite dangerous, people still indulge in them. If people can be oblivious of their environment while texting, just imagine how oblivious they would be about the posture they are taking or the connection between text neck and back pain.

Text neck makes the body imbalanced because based on the body anatomy, the head ought to be kept up. But text neck defies this as people bend their heads forward in order to text on their phones. This position that the spine takes is unhealthy and causes back pain.

What Does Text Neck Do To The Body?

By pushing the head forward, the weight of the head increases. The weight of the head varies from 9-16 pounds and by moving it forward, it adds 100% more weight. The more time spent on the phone or laptop is equivalent to more weight on the neck.

Text Neck And Chiropractic
Text Neck And Chiropractic

Text Neck And Chiropractic

Text neck does have a particular way in which it is diagnosed. A patient’s health history and a set of cervical x-rays are taken into careful consideration when diagnosis is being made.

Thankfully, chiropractic sessions can come in handy in resolving a text neck problem. Chiropractic sessions can lessen the effects of a text neck.

The effects of text neck to the spine is beyond just what a lot of people know. Anything that has to do with the connection between the neck, spine and the back leads to bigger issues that people have to suffer from and spend lots of money on.

Text neck leads to neck pain which involves tension on the cervical vertebra. The pain around this area can get so much that it even leads to other problems like lack of sleep and migraines which then tampers with the entire productivity of the body.

Furthermore,  It can also lead to shoulder pain because of the wrong posture taken when texting.

Chiropractic care specialises in the reduction and even elimination of such pain in different areas of the body. It is an alternative medical technique that focuses on finding solutions to matters as regards wrong posture like forward head posture, pain (both internal and external), tightness, muscles pulls or strains etc. Chiropractic care is the answer to the text neck issue that is growing gradually in our society.

Text Neck And Back Pain

Text neck is fast becoming a top ranking reason for the presence of back pain. The spine, when viewing from the side on an x-ray, is supposed to have like an “S” shape curving around some areas in the back. But text neck causes a compression in the muscles of the spine which cause a misalignment in the spine, particularly in the neck area.

When this misalignment happens to the spinal joints, the muscles and the discs in the spine begin to communicate pain to the nervous system which then causes back pain.

How to control Text Neck ?

  • Maintain a good body posture

Many people forget themselves when they text that is why their bodies begin to naturally take on postures that are detrimental to their health. If people can be conscious enough to understand that by taking the right posture, they keep their spine in the right position and save their body from pain, text neck would be reduced to the barest minimum. Even the negative effects of texting would be reduced because by maintaining a good posture, you increase your well being and you are alert to happenings around you.

  • Raise your phone

While texting, the eyes naturally follow the phone to whatever position it is in. Most times the phone is around the stomach area or the chest area which makes you push your head forward or bend the neck. But when you raise your phone to the level of your head or near it, you save your back from pain and put your spine in its proper place. You can also use pillows to help raise your head while texting so you don’t forget and crouch as usual.

  • Experience the world around you

Technology has indeed broken the barrier of distance between people, but it has also become a wall between people and their environment. The world has become so obsessed with gadgets that they fail to actually communicate with people around them or even just take a walk around where they live. Being on the phone all day is not even good for one’s health. If people could just learn to experience the world a little bit more from the lenses of their eyes and not that of a camera, the world would be a healthier place.

  • Exercise your neck

There are different exercises that one could do with the neck in order to reduce the strain around the area. By pushing the head forward and backwards several times, one helps to reduce the tension and tightness around the neck area. Exercising your neck helps the muscles around the area to loosen up and then aid flexibility and mobility. However, exercises should be done based on professional advice given by Chiropractors.

  • See A Chiropractor

Chiropractors are doctors who are specialised in providing care for the neck, body, shoulder and in correcting body posture- though their work is not limited to only that. Chiropractic sessions can help to control text neck as chiropractic is concerned with straightening the misalignments of the spine and helping the entire body to balance out the right way.

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