Headache And Migraine Relief From Chiropractic Treatments
Headache And Migraine Relief From Chiropractic Treatments

Headache And Migraine Relief From Chiropractic Treatments

Most people are ignorant of the fact that they can achieve headache and migraine relief from chiropractic treatments

We know that only a few things in this world are as overwhelmingly debilitating and disruptive as a clamant headache. It’s also very common, with reports indicating that nine out of ten people have at one time or the other, been laid low by the effects of a headache or migraine. 

Some headache attacks can be relatively mild, merely causing sufferers a few uncomfortable hours. At the other end of the spectrum are headaches and migraines that unleash their full arsenal of nail-biting, jaw-clenching, teeth-gnashing pain on their victims, accompanied by nausea and blurred vision. At such moments, rational thought dies a painful death, productivity takes a hit and pleasure becomes an alien concept for the sufferers. 

At the risk of stating the obvious, headaches and migraines are pretty awful. Sometimes, and for some people, an over the counter drug is enough to provide instant relief. Yet for some others, the headache only temporarily leaves, kicking and screaming, just to return as soon as the effects of the pain relief medication wear off. People with chronic headache and migraine find themselves becoming more and more entangled in the viscous grip of drug dependence. Nobody needs to be told how dangerous that is: it can cause serious problems in the future, including organ degradation. 

The good news is that there’s a more natural and wholesome way to manage headaches and migraines and eventually disentangle yourself from all that viciousness in the long run. It’s also pretty mild on your pockets. You should try chiropractic treatment. It’s a form of alternative therapy that has been gaining a lot of traction recently, with proven and verified results. Chiropractic treatment is also fairly accessible, with a simple chiropractor for headaches near me search able to lead you straight to one. 

What Are The Common Types Of Headaches?
What Are The Common Types Of Headaches?

What Are The Common Types Of Headaches?

The three most common types of headaches include:

  • tension headaches
  • migraine
  • cervicogenic headaches

1. Tension headaches

Sufferers of tension headaches typically experience pressure that seems to be wrapped around their head like a band. 

2. Migraine

People who suffer prolonged bouts of migraine complain of severe, head-pounding pain on one side of their heads, with sensitivity to sound and light and nausea completing the gruesome ensemble. 

3. Cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic headaches are a bit more complex, with the neck being the root of the problem, but the pain only being felt in multiple areas of the head. The face is also negatively impacted. 

About 5% of the time, headaches arise as a result of our body alerting us to certain physical issues. The other 95% of the time, headaches are primary ailments in and of themselves, not caused by any disease. 

What Triggers Headaches?

Despite centuries of study, the primary cause of headaches is yet to be identified. However, there are certain triggers that set it off. These triggers include:

  1. Environmental stimuli: Environmental triggers to headache include noise and physical exertion from acquaintances. 
  2. Lifestyle behaviours: Some lifestyle behaviours that trigger headache include extreme hard work, inordinate exercise and insomnia. 
  3. Bad eating habits: What you eat can also trigger headaches. 
  4. Bad Posture: Maintaining a single bad posture for long can also cause tension in your back and neck, which can cause your head to ache. 
How To Get Headache And Migraine Relief From Chiropractic Treatment?
How To Get Headache And Migraine Relief From Chiropractic Treatment?

How To Get Headache And Migraine Relief From Chiropractic Treatment?

Whenever the term “Chiropractic” is mentioned, several people take it to only mean the treatment for an assortment of lower back and sciatic nerve pains. Most people have not come to the realization that  chiropractic treatment is also prolific at treating a wide variety of headaches and migraines. Perhaps their incredulity is fuelled by their inability to see the connection between the spine and nerve endings to migraines. 

Consider this: A migraine is triggered by the expansion of the cranial blood vessels. These same blood vessels would usually constrict when you’re having a regular headache. As a result of this expansion of these blood vessels, tissues in the brain become inflamed, leading to severe pain. At the base of the whole process is tension and irritation of the nerves that control the flow of blood to the brain (leading to the enlargement of the cranial blood vessels). And what led to the irritation of the nerves? A misalignment in certain parts of the spine. 

The above process shows quite clearly that chiropractic treatment is actually the best way to combat the detrimental effects of headaches and migraines completely. Further, more people are becoming aware that back pain and neck pain are some of the leading triggers for migraines, and this has led to an increased appreciation for the services offered by chiropractors. 

One thing that contributes to the uniqueness of chiropractic treatment is the fact that it doesn’t just address the symptoms of migraines, it tackles the source of the migraine itself.

How Effective Is Chiropractic Treatment of Headaches and Migraines?

Several studies have proven that chiropractic treatment is indeed effective, perhaps even more effective at managing migraines than traditional medicine which has certainly had more time to find a cure.

A study revealed that people who signed up to receive chiropractic care for their headaches displayed telling improvements in the duration and frequency of their headaches. 

Another study recently carried out revealed that people who received chiropractic treatment for migraines and headaches reported a 50% reduction in the number of migraines suffered by them. This is a quite marvellous disclosure, and it reiterates the vast potential of chiropractic treatment towards helping sufferers of chronic headaches and migraines find a lasting cure to their ailments. 

In addition to these, there is notable and compelling evidence in favour of the fact that chiropractic care plays a leading role in the treatment of tension and cervicogenic headaches. 

Chiropractic treatment can also perform the following functions in addition to the others discussed above:

  • It can restore the flow of blood back to normal
  • It strengthens the muscles that provide support for your spine
  • It brings down the rate of irritation in the nerves that transmit pain signals to the brain, to the barest minimum. 
  • It helps you avoid migraine triggers by highlighting them. 
  • It sets the body on its way to self-healing
  • It enforces proper alignment of the spine, ensuring that there’s no break in communication with the nervous system. 

Chiropractors are trained to perform spinal manipulation procedures in order to restore alignment and handle a whole host of complaints. They also offer expert advice on nutrition, exercise, posture and relaxation in order to promote a better quality of life for their patients. 

Final Words

Chiropractic Care is witnessing an upsurge in popularity due to its immense benefits it offers to overall health being. You should certainly  try out a session if you suffer regular bouts of painful headaches and migraines. Just search out chiropractor for migraines near me for a wide variety of options. 

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