How Personal Development Builds Self Confidence
How Personal Development Builds Self Confidence

How Personal Development Builds Self Confidence?

Your pursuit of personal development and self-confidence requires the need to believe in yourself, trust your abilities, take pride in your intellectual capacity and sense of judgment. These pursuits remain the bedrock to your personal development and sense of self-confidence.

Whether you are in a courtroom speaking before a judge, delivering a presentation before a mammoth crowd, or giving your opinion in a debate, you need to be at your best performance. And a lack of self-confidence can ruin a lot.

Aside from an adequate level of self-confidence, it’s crucial to be properly motivated.

Unfortunately, this motivation is not the same for everyone. There are different temperaments instilled in every individual, and this immensely determines how we view things.

A sanguine can be so loud, wild, and riled, with a super built-in instinct to be bold, heard, and seen.

A sanguine might strive to top off the class. A phlegmatic might not be interested in toping the way which a sanguine would.

A phlegmatic or melancholy might decide to settle less, remain reserved, quiet, and silent, and will need an extra push to leave their shell.

Nevertheless, no matter who you are, what you are, or what you’ve been through, it’s necessary to build your self-confidence.

What is self confidence?

Self Confidence is the state of the mind whereby an individual has a firm conviction regarding their abilities, qualities, and strength.

Self Confidence deals with the state of believing yourself to do exploits, take up new tasks, and accomplish more grounds—irrespective of personal flaws, and challenges upfront.

Most times, self-confidence is misplaced with self-esteem.

Although the two are significantly related, there are great differences.

What is the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem?

Self-confidence is a measure of one’s trust and belief in their ability while self-esteem is the measure of the respect, dignity, and pride you attach to yourself.

Self Confidence deals solely on how you carry yourself, while self-esteem embodies how you see yourself.

These two are considerably related that most times, it is difficult to spot the difference.

It is generally challenging to find someone with a high level of self-confidence who lacks esteem, and vice versa. The pair work hand in hand to achieve personal development.

Personal Development vs Self Confidence
Personal Development vs Self Confidence

Personal Development vs Self Confidence

In the 1970s, a global movement sprung up like fire, advocating on the necessity for self-confidence and esteem, postulating that low self-esteem was the root of every problem amongst individuals in the society.

The self-esteem movement pushes the motion that a boost in self-confidence will produce an improved lifestyle, overall personal development, and outstanding success in life’s sphere.

The self-esteem movement began after critical analysis, acceptance of Nathaniel Brandon’s thoughts in his published book “The Psychology of Self Esteem” 1969.

This movement became predominant across western cultures, raising the stakes in all sectors of the economy that if an individual must do better, he must build his/her confidence and esteem.

Although the self-esteem movement brought about massive success in societal growth, its menace began erupting.

It was made to look like self-confidence and esteem is like the adrenaline that requires a jumpstart to work out the magic, and possibly the moment you can trigger your self-esteem, magical things start happening.

This era saw parents, nannies, and teachers showcasing effusive and over the top praises on kids and children in an attempt to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Do words make any difference in building self confidence?

Sure, they do. But its impact might not be lasting if not backed with consistent work.

The path of self-confidence is a gradual process of personal development. The moment you set out tasks to work on yourself, improve your skills, harness your potentials, the more you will have the courage to believe in your abilities.

What are the benefits of self-confidence?

  1. Elimination of Self-doubt
  2. Courage and Bravery
  3. Ability to make decisions
  4. Risk analysis and Risk-Taking

Is self-confidence important?

We live in a brutal world where kids are bullied, hate speeches are passed out, prejudice and discrimination, physical and mental assault, racism is on the loose, it is of utmost importance that every individual builds their level of self-confidence.

Statistics show that 800,000 people commit suicides every year. According to the world health organization, death is always recorded every 40 seconds with death leads in the age range of 15-29.

I might be right to justify that 14% of youths globally have considered suicide attempts, with 81,284 in the age ranges of 25-29 years committing suicide in 2016; 78691 within the age range of 20-24 years; and 52,750 teenagers aged 15-19 years; all victims of suicide in 2016.

Most of these individuals gave up hope after losing faith in themselves, accepting the attacks from society, and succumbing to the fear of the future.

Self Confidence is a vital yardstick of the mental health of the citizens of any productive society.

What is Personal Development?
What is Personal Development?

What is Personal Development?

Personal Development is a consistent, deliberate process that involves activities which access, evaluates, builds, and empowers the overall performance and capacity of a human being with the intent of actualizing one’s dream and goals.

What are the aspects of personal development?

Personal Development is a broad spectrum of growth that gears at touching the fundamental parts of an individual.

These include:

  1. Mental and Psychological
  2. Health
  3. Social
  4. Intellectual
  5. Emotional
  6. Physical

The essence of personal development is to improve self-awareness, enhance knowledge of strength and weakness, develop talents, improve career, build self-esteem, and harness potential.

How does self-confidence help in the development of an individual?

“You can only do what you are empowered to do”.

An assured pathway to getting things done is by training yourself through the task.

Self Confidence oversees the entire limits, strengths of an individual. It helps you believe in your strengths while pointing out areas where you should improve.

The development of an individual can be likened to how they can handle tasks.

Do you shy away from responsibility?

Because you feel you can’t do better?

Afraid of Failure and setbacks?

Self-confidence acts as your right-back man, screaming into your head “Man, I trust you to deliver success”.

How to build self-confidence?

  1. Take Risks
  2. Learn
  3. Set Clear Goals
  4. Build Capacity
  5. Train/Exercise
  6. Build Self Esteem
  7. Always be positive

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