Live Healthier With Chiropractic Services
Live Healthier with Chiropractic Services

Live Healthier With Chiropractic Services

Sitting on the chair improperly all day long, whether, at work or home, weakness of the stabilizer muscles due to the lack of daily exercises, stress, weight issues, or long drives in the car are all the reasons for the faster spine degeneration. Backbone pain has become the disease of the modern age. Since we cannot avoid having stressful situations in our lives, as well as sitting in front of the computer at work, there is a growing concern about what we can do to keep our spine in the right order.

There are many ways that people are trying to preserve a healthy life: doing yoga, meditation, eating healthy food, exercising, or just avoiding stressful and challenging situations of people. Still, if you want to experience overall health and healing, researchers suggest you should achieve it through chiropractic care.

Chiropractic services are becoming more and more popular due to the growing number of researches with positive results to our health and wellbeing. They have become a sort of wellness services that are used by all generations who strive to start living a pain-free life, without using pain killers and other medications. But chiropractic is more than just a solution for your back pain. It holds the key to a better, happier, and healthier lifestyle. A million Americans have found relief from back pain and a shortcut to a happy life with this drug-free approach to healthcare.

Why is it so important to take care of your spine?

Why is it so important to take care of your spine? 

Because your spinal column is what allows your body to do all the activities, from moving, twisting, bending, and other motions throughout your day. The far more important reason is that it protects your delicate central nervous system for controlling your muscles and organs. That is why chiropractors believe that the first step to a better lifestyle is attaining proper spinal functioning.

Sometimes your spinal interlocking bones, which are called vertebrae, aren’t functioning correctly. They can cause a misalignment or dysfunctions, leading to experiencing pain, feeling discomfort, or not being able to move, or many other painful and uncomfortable conditions. You may be surprised to learn of many benefits you and your family can receive after seeking help from a trusted chiropractor.

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive practice of addressing a wide range of health issues by correcting a patient’s spinal misalignment. Some problems can be treated by chiropractic care to the end, which means avoiding overuse of medications and surgical interventions as well. The conducted studies also show that those patients rarely need hospital care and have lower health care costs due to the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment.

In this modern age, we are aware of the fact that the use of complementary and alternative medicine is on the rise, especially in the past several decades. 2002 National Health Interview Survey showed that more than 60% of US adults used some alternative therapy or method. Three in four people who sought help in the chiropractic office in 2018 described chiropractic care as “very effective.”

Chiropractors are also the highest-rated healthcare practitioners who are more and more recognized not only in the medical system but also in different organizations for their practical approach. More and more companies are adding chiropractic to their pain management standards.

We are living in the age of the chair

Chiropractic care, as a health method that promotes spinal function and optimization, is extremely important for reducing the adverse effects of sitting. Sitting is extremely dangerous because it creates a new generation: under-muscled children and youth who are turning into a middle-aged weakling, unable to walk for more than 30-minutes or run beyond a couple of minutes without losing their breath completely.

Regular chiropractic treatments painlessly optimize the spine, according to each individual, and promote its better functioning in everyday life. The goal of the treatment is to alleviate or eliminate the harmful effects of sitting and the side effects such as pain, headaches, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. With regular treatments, you will stop using painkillers, and your life will become better and more satisfactory.

With chiropractic care, the emphasis is on fostering the body’s inherent capacity for self-healing. Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that the nervous system is a system that controls all functions in the human body. Therefore, any dysfunction has an effect on the nervous system, and by correcting such disorders, we optimize their joint function and enable the nervous system to function more appropriately.

Working on the human body promotes its inherent, innate ability to optimize disturbed biomechanical factors of the locomotor system. Corrective techniques used to align functional disorders include spinal manipulative methods (which may be active or passive), joint manipulative methods (which may also be active or inactive), followed by non-manipulative techniques used to act on soft tissue and, finally, techniques using instruments to correct emerging dysfunctions.

The doctor of chiropractic performs these corrective techniques with his/her hands without the use of medication and surgery. You may think it is the same whether you pay for drugs or chiropractic treatment, but practicing chiropractic care has revealed to be among the best pocket-friendly options when you are seeking medical help.

The most common therapeutic procedure performed by chiropractors is known as chiropractic alignment through a chiropractic adjustment. The purpose of this is to restore mobility to the joints using controlled force on the joints that have become less mobile or restricted as a result of tissue injury. Tissue injury can be caused by some accident or movement such as the improper lifting of heavy objects or repetitive stress, such as sitting in a wrong position for a long time and holding the spine incorrectly.

In each case, the damaged tissue is exposed to several physical and chemical changes that can cause inflammation, pain, and limited functions of the injured person. The manipulation or alignment of the affected joints and tissues restores mobility, thus relieving muscle pain and numbness, and allowing the tissue to heal.

Chiropractic is the philosophy of nature – is it safe?

Chiropractic care is widely recognized as being among the safest drug-free methods available for treating neuro and muscular disorders and afflictions. It is an entirely safe, secure, and pain-free method if a qualified and licensed specialist provides it. Although it has a remarkable safety record and excellent results, it is still considered an alternative option for many people, something you choose to try after you tried all other options.

Also, some people are reporting specific issues after the treatment, but those reports are sporadic. No health treatment is completely free of potential unfavorable effects, just like medications, but all of them, if happen, can fade within 24 hours.

You have to have in mind that when discussing the risks, you should take into consideration the comparison between different treatments and their potential risks. The chances that are associated with other conventional treatments of musculoskeletal pain, compared to spinal manipulation, are far more significant and severe.

Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that powerful drugs, like oxycodone and hydrocodone, which are commonly used painkillers, are the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. When you put all the variables on the table, you become aware of all the benefits that come with chiropractic care.

The primary role of a chiropractic doctor is to find out which part of the musculoskeletal system is not in its proper anatomical position or which is part of the reduced mobility or function. This may be accompanied by symptoms but may not be. Why is this important?

Turn your head to one side and the other. If mobility is higher on one side or reduced on the other side, this means that there are limitations in movement, that mobility or function is asymmetric and reduced. When the structures, especially the joints, load asymmetrically, they become a suitable ground for the development of chronic problems as well as for the development of degenerative changes. Symptoms can be varied, and if the cause is not corrected, they will occur over time, more frequently and more painfully.

Chiropractic Doctor
Chiropractic Doctor

The spine consists of 24 movable vertebrae that are interconnected with two joints each and with disks in between. The role of a chiropractic doctor is to find out which joint or segment on the spine is not in its anatomical position and then position it by using corrective techniques. This will not only make you feel better and more functional but will optimize your nervous system by optimizing your spine.

If the cause is not detected in time, it can significantly affect your health. So, no matter what you come for or what medical diagnosis you have, a chiropractic doctor is not concerned with treating such medical diagnoses. The goal is always the same regardless of diagnosis: to correct health and function by correcting subluxations. The moment the person functions, the symptoms diminish or disappear.

How can you live healthier by using chiropractic services?

Chiropractic treatment is not new – the teachings of chiropractic were written back in ancient Greek civilization. The knowledge was revived at the end of the 19th century, and its popularity has grown since. Every chiropractor has a different theory and belief system about how the whole procedure works, so it is essential to make sure you feel comfortable with your chiropractor.

Chiropractic can be used on anyone and can help in many ways and can help people with various diseases. Chiropractors teach that the body can only be healed if it is appropriately structured, starting from the fact that our health is strongly linked to the body’s structure and functions, from proper posture of the spine to well-functioning of other parts of the body.

Chiropractors use a manual technique and treat patients after examination and diagnosis. Using numerous movements, they align the spine and other joints. Chiropractors have extensive diagnostic knowledge and skills and can recommend therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises, as well as advise you on the right diet and proper health lifestyle.

Chiropractors focus on disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and the impact of these disorders on overall health. It is most commonly used to treat locomotor and functional disorders such as neck and shoulder pain accompanied by tension and muscle aches and decreased mobility, headaches associated with cervical spine dysfunction, sore throat sensation, neuralgic pain in the arms or legs, disc disease or discopathy, sciatica and lumbago. They are also successful when treating allergies, migraines, and overall immunity.

Why does chiropractic work?
Why does chiropractic work?

Why does Chiropractic work?

Scientific research has long confirmed how effective and safe chiropractic care can be and how it can affect your overall health. In one of the most prestigious scientific journals, chiropractic combined with an active and healthy lifestyle has reduced drug consumption by 51.8% and hospitalization by as much as 43%. Chiropractic has been proven to be more cost-effective (less expensive) than the conventional approach when it comes to problems with no organic or pathological origin, and that patients are more satisfied with the services of a chiropractic doctor and his/her results.

Why is it so effective?

  • It works on the cause, not the consequences
  • It enhances the body’s innate capacity for self-healing
  • It is a natural, non-invasive and drug-free method
  • It optimizes the function of the musculoskeletal system
  • It optimizes the nervous system
  • It optimizes spine function
  • It reduces muscle tension
  • It is completely safe
  • Financially more affordable
  • It improves spinal motility
  • It normalizes disturbed biomechanical factors required for healthy spine function
  • It activates the afferent nerve pathways required for motor control
  • It slows or stops the development of degenerative changes
  • It naturally affects the overall health
  • It is highly effective for functional disorders
  • It works preventively
  • It improves sports and work performance

Chiropractic is on an incredible rise in the whole world today, especially in its most developed parts. In America, Canada, and Australia, it is the third health profession just after medicine and dentistry in terms of representation. The number of chiropractic doctors in the United States is growing five times faster than the number of medical doctors.

Chiropractic has achieved such success because of its speed of elimination of problems, efficiency, and harmlessness. The cost/benefit ratio is on the chiropractic side, especially when it comes to treating lumbago and severe headaches, but also other health problems.

If you have any concerns and questions regarding conditions that can be treated by chiropractic care, you can check other articles that cover that topic. For any questions and assessments, contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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