Maintain Your Health At Local Chiropractor
Maintain Your Health At Local Chiropractor

Maintain Your Health At Your Local Chiropractor

A recent study has proven very clearly all people, be they young or old, can maintain a healthy body, free of aches and pains, by regular visits to their local chiropractor. Those who have used chiropractic care for maintenance of their health already are aware of this fact, but a great majority of Americans are unaware of this fact. This is unacceptable, and we feel all people need to know about this health care option for maintenance of their health.

This recent study was focused on those who have suffered, or are suffering from chronic lower back pain. These individuals receiving treatment from a local chiropractor for chronic and unspecified LBP (lower back pain), have been found by this study to have recovered from the LBP and with regular visits to their chiropractor the lower back pain has not returned. This is great news for those, and there are millions of Americans who suffer from LBP, who are seeking relief from this very painful and debilitating physical health issue.

The Treatment Of Low Back Pain
The Treatment Of Low Back Pain

Sixty individuals suffering from unspecified, chronic LBP were tracked over the course of their treatment periods by a chiropractor. The researchers divided these 60 people into three groups and then recorded how SMT or spinal manipulation treatments, helped with the LBP. One group was subjected to a dozen spinal manipulation treatments for four weeks, and then received additional treatments every two weeks as a maintenance program. This schedule lasted for nine months.

The second group received twelve “fake” spinal manipulation treatments for the four weeks and no additional treatments.

The last group studied received twelve spinal manipulation treatments and no additional maintenance treatments for nine months.

Can you guess which group achieved the best result for their lower back pain? Of course it was the first group who had twelve actual treatments during the first month, and then a continued maintenance treatment each two weeks for nine months. The second group who received the real treatments for a month and then no further treatments came in second for relief of their LBP. The third group who received the “fake” spinal manipulation treatments did not fare very well as their LBP returned for most.

You might wonder why such a study was conducted in the first place. The answer is it had never been done before on those suffering from LBP. It proves conclusively the use of your local chiropractor for lower back pain treatments as opposed to more expensive treatments that are combined with medications which are not always fully necessary for healing LBP (Low Back Pain).

If you are one of the millions of American suffering from LBP (Low Back Pain), please visit your local chiropractor. He or she will help relieve this common health issue without medications, and do so without long, expensive hospital visits.

Are you suffering from LBP (Low Back Pain)? Please leave all comments below.

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