Physical Therapy For Back Pain Relief
Physical Therapy For Back Pain Relief

Physical Therapy For Back Pain Relief

Suffering from back pain can be tragic and disturbing as you’d experience constant stings of pain while carrying out your daily activities, reducing your efficiency and effectiveness.

Back pain is caused by various kinds of activities that you engage yourself in or your lifestyle. When you sit or stand for too long, carry heavy objects wrongly, sleep in the wrong position with a bad mattress or bend over for too long, you’d experience some form of back pain.

Also, arthritis and other medical conditions lead to back pain and most often, medical doctors refer their patients to physical therapists to help alleviate their pain.

A physical therapist as a trained and licensed medical expert with specialized knowledge of kinesiology, health education, physical impairments, chronic body pain, exercise prescription, among a host of other illnesses of, cardiovascular or musculoskeletal origins. 

Further, they help patients with physical abnormalities, restoring physical function and mobility, maintaining physical function, and promoting physical activity and proper function.

Physical therapists can also help with medical conditions such as cardiopulmonary conditions, musculoskeletal dysfunction, neurological conditions and any sports-related injuries.

Plus, they can also expertly address other medical conditions like pediatric conditions, burns, wound care, and diabetic ulcers.

People who are affected with chronic back pain love to sit in one place all day hoping that they won’t put much strain on their painful backs.

But I tell you, when you don’t move around, you’re at greater risk of worsening your condition as immobility does not help your muscles and joints to be flexible.

And when your back muscles and joints are not flexible, you know what happens? Your pain will continue to grow from worse to worst and may eventually result in surgery.

Nobody wants a surgery session right? No. So, you’ll be doing yourself a whole lot of good than harm visiting the best physical therapist.

I’ll  advise that you pay a visit to a physical therapist in the initial stages of the back pain before it gets chronic and more expensive to treat.

Sadly, a popular misconception among most people is that physical therapy is very painful and not worth trying. Because they think they’d have to go through therapy sessions that are severe.

I tell you they’re wrong! As physical therapy includes safe and customized therapy sessions that aren’t painful as some people think.

Can physical therapy help with back pain?
Can physical therapy help with back pain?

Can physical therapy help with back pain?

Also, in all my years as a chiropractor, I’ve often heard my patients ask me on various occasions, “can physical therapy help with back pain?“. In the affirmative, my reply goes…physical therapists customize therapy sessions to help patients with back pain.

And these safe and customized therapy sessions are expertly carried out to help you alleviate your back pain and whatever pain you may be feeling. I assure you that after the therapy sessions, you’d definitely feel a rejuvenated version of yourself!

Ensure that you book an appointment with a physical therapist to help relieve you of those pains you feel in your back, neck, hips and shoulders.

Don’t follow the band wagon wailing,  “physical therapy is painful”. Find the best physical therapist near you and in no time, you’d be free from pain, working at your best.

Physical Therapy For Back Pain
Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Physical Therapy For Back Pain: Things To Expect

Some of my patients have confessed to the fear of uncertainty when visiting a physical therapist for the first time. So, in this section, I’ll be discussing the possible activities to expect in a physical therapy session.

  • Examination

Before your physical therapist begins with treatments, they’d first have to examine you and perform thorough health research on you.

They’d have to evaluate your health history and your specific symptoms and allergies. You’d also be asked to describe your symptoms and pinpoint exactly where you’re feeling the pain.

Your physical therapist will also ask questions about your lifestyle at home and assess your walking movements.

  • Core strengthening exercises

After professionally examining you, physical therapists will then head on to the main business- relieving you of your back pain.

Know that the reason for your back pain is as a result of strains and stress of your spine. When you expose the spine to loads of stress, the surrounding muscles and joints get strained, leading to back pain.

Your core, comprising your abdomen and pelvic floor area, have muscles that provide support to your back.

Your physical therapist will help recommend exercises that can strengthen your core to relieve you of back pain.

  • Flexion exercises

Also, expect to receive recommended flexion exercises to strengthen abdominal, gluteal, and quadriceps muscles for back pain relief.

Your physical therapist will recommend flexion exercises such as pelvic tilts, and pulling your knees into your chest, to mention a few.

  • Progressive endurance and fitness exercises

Certain progressive endurance and fitness exercises will also be recommended by your physical therapist and when you’re consistent with them, be sure of quick back pain relief.

Moderate to high-intensity exercises will be recommended and your physical therapist will teach you how to perform them at home.

In addition, your physical therapist will tutor you on the proper techniques for sitting, standing, and lifting without putting strains on your back.

Bottom Line

Physical therapy is another method of alleviating your back pain without drugs and is also safe and proven to be effective.

With the help of a physical therapist, your pain will be a thing of the past in no time, all thanks to the customized and safe therapy sessions.

Most people think that these therapy sessions are painful and may even worsen their back pain condition. That’s a big lie! That misconception is because they fear physical treatments for their pain.

However, it is recommended medically to go for physical therapy when you start to notice pain in parts of your body like your back, neck, hips and shoulders.

Seeing a physical therapist on time will help not only to reduce the pain, but also prevent future recurrence.

There is a large percentage of Americans that live with chronic back pain and find it difficult to effectively carry out their jobs without the pain as a barrier.

An appointment with a physical therapist is just what is needed to help relieve them of the pain they feel in their back.

So, if you’re suffering from pain in your back, do well to get physical therapy for back pain and see the results immediately or in a few days.

I hope this article has helped convince you that physical therapy can be of help to you when suffering from back pain. Visit the best physical therapist today and your pains will vanish overnight!

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