Save Money by Using Chiropractic Services
Save Money by Using Chiropractic Services

Save Money by Using Chiropractic Services

Save Money by Using Chiropractic Services
Save Money by Using Chiropractic Services

Millions of Americans are medically underinsured or have no health insurance. This is a frightening thought when they require the services of a medical professional. Combine this with the fact that over forty million citizens living in the United States of America suffer from neck, lower, and upper back pain on a daily basis and you have an entire segment of the population who desperately require medical help, but are faced with the decision of how to afford the cost of visiting a doctor, emergency room, or extended hospital stay. Well, we have great news for you as many current medical studies are highlighting the economic advantages of using local chiropractic services to treat painful back and neck conditions.

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In one of the more recent studies, researcher Alexander Tsertsvadze, M.D., along with several other prominent medical professionals and physicians conducted an extensive look into how traditional medical treatments by  general practitioners of medicine and rehabilitation services compared cost wise with manual care provided by chiropractic services. The results are clear: chiropractic care is cheaper by far than the traditional methods plus results are quicker.

The care provided by chiropractors won by a wide margin in the category of healing back, neck, and shoulder pain. These can be those painful conditions resulting from vehicle accidents, work related, sports injuries, and a wide variety of other causes.  Additionally, the expense of visiting a local chiropractor turned out to be substantially less than other alternatives such as a local hospital or your family doctor. This is the result of comparing several highly respected medical publications. The researchers did a cost comparison as well as the results obtained.

Another study by the Archives of Internal Medicine came to the same conclusion. They found visiting your local chiropractor can save you at least 12% when compared to the hospital or a private physician. In dollars this comes to well over $200 saved on average, with many saving close to 2 thousand dollars over a period of treatments ranging from one to two years.

The big question for many of these doctors and health care professionals came down to this question: Was the individual healed? The answer is a resounding yes!

For those who have suffered from neck, back, or shoulder injuries the results are very clear. Visiting your local chiropractor for chiropractic services is by far cheaper and more effective. It is hoped these studies will convince insurance companies to begin offering this type of care in their insurance plans.

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