Sleeping With Neck Pain: What You Really Need To Know?
Sleeping With Neck Pain: What You Really Need To Know?

Sleeping With Neck Pain: What You Really Need To Know?

Ever laid awake with a frown as a result of an ache in your neck? Neck pains are really awful and can hinder your daily activities as the recurring pain will bring you great discomfort.

They usually can develop as a result of the poor manner in which you sleep, the kind of pillow you use and other sleep related issues.

You’ll also experience neck pains if you constantly use your smartphone and computer, or drive for a longer time.

A good night’s sleep ensures that you’re fit for the day’s activities and helps to reduce the pain. However, when you do not get enough sleep that your body needs, be prepared for the otherwise!

Therefore, in this article, you’d find the essential things that you need to know about neck pain and what to do when one arises.

Some Causes Of Neck Pain

Some neck pain can develop as a result of bad sleeping posture and strenuous activities performed during the day. Most people do not pay attention to the activities they perform that can contribute to neck pains.

Neck pains are can be minor conditions that an average person experiences occasionally and will vanish within a few days.

However, if the pains persist for a longer period of time, it indicates a serious injury and will require a doctor’s immediate care. Alternatively, if you want a natural process to relieve the pain, you can see a chiropractor.

Alright, do you feel pain in your neck? These are the possible reasons for the pain that you’re feeling:

1. Bad Sleeping position: Yes! Your sleeping position. The way you sleep goes a long way to affect the pain you feel in your neck.

If you sleep with your neck in a bad position, expect to have some kind of neck pain and/or stiffness when you wake up.

I know you have your desired sleeping position-everyone has! However, if you choose to sleep on your stomach, you’re doing your neck absolutely no good.

Tummy-sleepers are shocked right? This is it, when you sleep on your stomach your neck will be twisted to one side for a long time.

I know you’ll want to argue about twisting to the other side right? However, it’s still the same result no matter what direction you face.

The muscles in your neck will be strained and this will make them feel stiff and sore when you wake up.

Sleeping on your stomach doesn’t only bring a great pain to your neck in time, but your spine as well.

If you’re sleeping on a much softer bed, your stomach will sink, thereby putting stress on your back muscles and spine.

2. Wrong pillow usage: You can’t imagine how your soft and silky pillow will cause neck pain, right?

In the comfort of the pillow lies danger to your neck when you use the one that doesn’t properly support your neck and head.

Using a pillow that does not support your head and neck will result in  tension in your neck muscles and cause neck pain.

It is now left for you to use the right pillow that’ll ensure no pain in your neck while asleep!

3. Sharp neck movement: Quick and sharp movements while asleep will strain the muscles of your neck resulting in pain in the neck.

The tension created from the constant movement stresses the neck. You should try to reduce the movements you make while asleep so as to avoid the experience of neck pain and/or stiffness when you wake up.

4. Poor body posture: During the day, you must have put your neck in an unfavorable posture that causes it to ache when you want to sleep.

When standing, sitting or using your smartphone and computer, you should ensure a good and healthy posture that’ll ensure no neck pains later.

5. Lengthy working time: Working for a longer time in your office on a computer or phone without changing positions can result in neck pain.

When carrying out various activities, ensure you change position at least every 5 minutes so as to exercise the muscles and prevent strains.

Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain
Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain

Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain

As earlier explained, your sleeping position affects the comfort of your sleep and the possible pain that you’ll feel.

So here are three healthy sleeping positions that will ensure a pain-free night!

1. Sleep on your back: Quite challenging right? You’re not the only one thinking so. Findings have shown that only eight percent of people sleep on their back.

Sleeping on your back  is  the healthiest sleeping position as your head, spine and neck are in a neutral position without any kind of pressure- so you’ll feel relief or absolutely no pain.

2. Sleep on Your Side: This sleeping position ensures that you don’t snore while sleeping as all airways are open – no obstructions!

In this posture, your legs and torso are straight and this helps to elongate the spine and decrease acid reflux.

3. Sleep in the Fetal Position: This is the most popular sleeping position as over 41% of adults prefer this posture.

You sleep on your side with your torso hunched and your knees are bent- in most cases, on the left side.

This posture is suitable for pregnant women because it ensures improved blood circulation around the body and in the fetus.

How To Sleep With Neck Pain

Having a comfy night may be difficult as the recurring pain in the neck will pose a problem – the pain will definitely rob you of your sleep.

However, you can improve your sleep even with neck pain if you try to cultivate the following healthy sleeping habits:

1. Get two pillows- one for the top and the other for the bottom. The top pillow should be arranged slightly at the back of the bottom pillow.

2. Lie on your side or back – whichever way you prefer and ensure that the bottom pillow supports your shoulder and the top pillow supports your neck.

3. Then use a pillow in between your legs if you’re a side sleeper and behind your thighs if you’re lying on your back. This helps relieve the spine of any form of pressure.

4. Breathe gently and deeply when you first lie down so as to bring calm to your body and ensure the flow of oxygen to your muscles to relax them.

5. Sleep like this whenever you experience neck pain and I assure that it’ll help alleviate the neck pain as soon as it crept in.

However, if you still feel neck pain after 3 days of practicing this healthy way of sleeping with neck pain, consult a doctor or see a chiropractor near me.

Home Remedy For Neck Pain
Home Remedy For Neck Pain

Home Remedy For Neck Pain

Seeing a doctor over minor neck issues isn’t the best. Waking up to a neck pain doesn’t call for alarm as you can easily handle the sore.

You can choose from any of these self-care options:

  1. Apply ice to the affected area for about 20 minutes so as to reduce inflammation.
  2. If the pains persist for more than a day, you then apply heat to the neck with a heating pad or taking a hot shower.
  3. Exercise the neck everyday and ensure you massage the neck gently.
  4. Practice Yoga

Bottom Line

Neck pains are painful and can limit the extent of one’s abilities when carrying out day-to-day activities.

So, to avoid a possible neck pain problem, consider sleeping with a good pillow, choose the best sleeping position and posture, sleep on a soft and comfy mattress, and lastly, see a chiropractor near you.

We hope that this article has enlightened you on the steps you should take when next you develop neck pains.

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