Spinal Decompression Therapy: What You Need To Know?
Spinal Decompression Therapy: What You Need To Know?

Spinal Decompression Therapy: What You Need To Know?

When looking for a  spinal decompression chiropractor you need to look for someone that offers spinal decompression either by traction or a mechanical device.  Our spines get compressed over time with gravity and age. 

However, having a proper  spinal decompression chiropractor work on you, will help decompress the spine and help it to align better.  While a  spinal decompression chiropractor isn’t typically what everyone needs, it is another step in assisting in getting your spine decompressed properly and keeping it aligned. 

Proper posture is important to your spine and overall health.  However, most of us don’t have perfect posture and over time this takes a toll on our bodies.  We see this in various aspects from our knees and hips to back and neck pain. 

However, there is hope.  With the help of massage and chiropractic care, you can get your spine properly aligned and functioning as it should again.

Taking the time to see your chiropractor before you are in pain will aid in helping your back and neck stay strong and not get to the point of pain. This is very important for many people, as we all want to avoid pain, but with pain, comes time off of work and time that we cannot enjoy with our family.  Back and neck pain are very common these days.

This is due to most of us sitting all day and working on a computer.   Our spines were not meant to sit this long, so overtime the spine will compress and start to ache.  You may have your monitors too low, which will cause further posture issues.  This, in return, will lead to text neck, which is a very common issue in society as a whole today. 

Stretching Your Spine.

A spinal decompression chiropractor will not only help with the alignment of your back, but will stretch/decompress your spine.  This helps the spacing within the area that the discs seat to improve. 

A slipped disc is very painful and sometimes cannot be helped by the means of a chiropractor.  While chiropractors can help with alignements and improve your neck and back, sometimes the neck and back injury is too far gone.  They will certainly alert you of such a condition and help you find the proper care, if this is the case.

Spinal decompression chiropractor will set you up into a traction device or mechanical device.  Here you will be, well, stretched/decompressed.  They will take the top half of your body and the bottom half and pull from each end. 

This may cause some popping noises and crackling, but no worries, you are under the care of a professional that understands the force in which you should be stretched and decompressed.  This is something that can be done over time, to improve the overall health of the spine. 

While this may sound rather uncomfortable, most patients find relief from neck and lower back pain and joint pain.  If this sounds like something you would benefit from, you should seek out spinal decompression near me.

Seek The Advice Of A Chiropractor
Seek The Advice Of A Chiropractor

Seek The Advice Of A Chiropractor.

Stretching and decompressing the spine will allow for slipped discs to return to their proper seating area as well.  This allows the patient to find relief from neck and/or back pain in a way that they may not have thought of. 

While chiropractors manipulate the spine with their hands, having this extra step can really bring some neck and back pain relief.  If you are in pain, you should seek the assistance of a qualified chiropractor. 

While neck and back pain are something that many people live with, it actually can be relieved with the appropriate care, in most cases.  Many people think there is no hope, however, that simply is not the case.  Working with a qualified chiropractor can really improve your life and way of living.

Chiropractors are very different from medical doctors.  They work with the body as a whole. They look at your body and see how it is misaligned while the medical doctor will look at the area of pain. 

For example, if you have knee pain, it may be due to your pelvis posture being misaligned and how you are stepping each and every time.  This, over time, will end up grinding on the knee in a fashion that wasn’t meant to be.

Chiropractors Look At The Body As A Whole.

Chiropractors, unlike medical doctors, will look at your posture and how your weight is coming down on that knee. They will take the time to see why the knee is in pain and can assist in a manner that is different from pain pills and surgery. 

Remember, doctors are in business to make money. Surgery is an income for them.  However, if you question if you need surgery, you should seek the second opinion from a chiropractor. 

Not all knee conditions can be helped with chiropractic care.  However, if you can avoid surgery and time off from your work and family, wouldn’t it be interesting to look into? 

The body was meant to heal on its own.  It was designed perfectly to take care of its own injuries.  However, it will do just about anything to keep your face from hitting the dirt. 

So, with that said, it can be quite crooked over time.  This crooked can lead to aches and pains that we can work out with the assistance of a chiropractor. 

To further this assistance, get a  spinal decompression chiropractor that will go above and beyond a typical chiropractic treatment. 

Illustration Of A Disc Prolapse
Illustration Of A Disc Prolapse

Gravity Is Not Kind To The Spine.

Spinal decompression chiropractor will bring another level of relief to your spine.  Gravity works against our bodies in so many ways.  Our spine is under the pressure of gravity at all times. 

However, if you take care of your spine and ensure that it has the proper curvatures that are supposed to be there, it will be stronger than ever. Most people don’t take the time to see their chiropractor on a regular basis. 

However, this is one thing that you can do, that doesn’t take up much time, to ensure a healthy life and a strong back.  Our posture over time will take a toll on our spines.  Most of us have some form of text neck that will not repair itself, you need a qualified chiropractor to assist.

Text neck is simply one example of how our poor posture takes over our spines.  A mechanic, for example, is bent over a car all day.  Chiropractors see mechanics often as it is the best way for them to combat poor spine choices and back pain. 

If you feel you are crooked, get into see your chiropractor today.

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