The Best Core Strengthening Exercises for Women
The Best Core Strengthening Exercises for Women

The Best Core Strengthening Exercises for Women

In the wrestling arena, you will see professional wrestlers throwing their opponents with such grace that they don’t even break a sweat. Faster than you know it, their foe is standing in front of them and in one fluid motion, they’re on the ground and can’t get up. The secret of these pro wrestlers is called core stability and every athlete is aware of how important it is to their respective sports. It is an attribute of the body that keeps it stable during an array of activities and motions.

In this article, you’re going to learn some of the best core strengthening exercises for women and the reasons why core stability is of vital importance. It is a fact that core strengthening exercises are considered a precautionary measure that counters harm specifically to the lower spine. When wrestlers hurt each other in the ring, what do you think keeps them from sustaining more serious injuries? You’ve guessed it—core stability.

The core is located in the lower torso and it includes those parts found in the abdomen until the lower back. When we’re amassing power for a punch or anything physical, it’s not from the limbs rather, the core. The reason for this is because the core is an essential source of power for such actions and it helps facilitate different activities of the body. Can you imagine if the core is easily rattled and would adjust whenever there are forces that affect it? Do you think the wrestler would still be able to throw their adversary as smoothly? This is where stability plays an important role. It refers to retaining the same despite forces that could alter its current condition.

Working on your core stability is a sure way of building your strength. And as a bonus, you also get to lessen the risks of getting hurt. Muscles that are much stronger are steadier and don’t fail as easily when in contact with outside forces. Another thing you gain from strengthening your core is coordination. You work your muscles and they learn to be more synchronized which means a more efficient use of those muscles of yours. Coordination is all about ease and being fluid when it comes to moving the body. With this, you’re sure to never miss a step or tripping over your own feet.

Your stability and balance are two things that become more efficient when you work on your core. Homeostasis is important especially when you’re into sports because the body has to keep balanced even in different situations that may occur while in game. Football players find balance very important since they have to stay on their feet despite being rammed by their opponents and poor balance would be a great disadvantage in this situation.

Reducing the risk of harm is an important benefit of working your core. As mentioned previously, a more stable core means less chances of getting hurt. Everyone would like to prevent any opportunity of injury which is why it is vital to strengthen the core. Going back to football, it is the core that supports his bones whenever a linebacker rams into a running back.

All the benefits stated above all lead to one thing, better performance. A stable core means an increase in balance, strength, coordination, etc. This is where a line can be drawn between professionals and amateurs. In any sport, you will be able to spot which one has more experience and which one is the better player. Usually, the reason for the difference is that the more experienced one has a stronger and more stable core. This allows him to take more precise steps and reduce the chances of stumbling and making random mistakes. It takes work on your core to be graceful in your chosen sport or activity. A good core makes all the difference especially in competitions.

The bridge is an exercise that helps strengthen a number of the core muscles. Have your back parallel to the floor without arching and bend your knees. Contract your abs, then raise your hips and hold for five seconds. Increase time to eight seconds when mastered. Make sure you breathe throughout this workout or you will not get the results you aim for.

The plank is a common exercise that can be challenging to the inexperienced but is very effective for improving core strength. It starts with lying face flat on the floor. Rise enough to rest on your knees and forearms while keeping your back as straight as you can. Now squeeze and contract the core muscles while puling your elbows closer to your knees without moving from their current positions. Hold for five seconds and gradually until eight seconds when stronger. This exercise is equally mental and physically challenging. It helps to have thoughts of being a tabletop and having to keep straight at all times.

Another core strengthening exercise that you can do is the Swiss ball sit-ups for three sets within six to twelve reps. For this workout, just imagine doing sit ups or crunch on a Swiss ball. Some find it a bit easy so they add weights to their chest and start with this position to make it more challenging. The upper abdominal is stressed in this exercise.

The exercise ball pull in is a workout that targets the lower abdominal area. It starts with shins on a Swiss ball and your hands in front of you touching the floor. By extending your legs and back inward, you roll the ball and this is considered one repetition. To make it more difficult, you could use your toes rather than your shins in the starting position. To add even more difficulty, do it with one leg and then switch.

The seated leg tucks begins with sitting on one butt cheek to angle the body. To really work on the core, you can do it on the floor and extend your legs farther and you should do it without the help of your hands. To add difficulty, weights on the feet and ankle would help. If that isn’t enough, plates on the chest could also be done but that requires a higher level of skill.

Another great core-improving workout is the ab roller. Stability is the challenge in this exercise and it works the upper and lower abdominal. If you want to really work your core, look for an ab roller with a wider grip. Doing it on the knees is a great substitute if unable to use feet.

You can also do the Swiss ball leg pull-in. The only difference this has with a flat bench leg pull-in is the presence of the Swiss ball for this exercise but both work on the lower abdominals. This adds significant difficulty to the workout and you might need to have someone hold the ball when you’re new to this. Keep your hands off if you think it’s too easy or add weight to your feet or ankles.

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