The Best Way To Separate Your Fitness Goals From Your Weight Loss Goals
The Best Way To Separate Your Fitness Goals From Your Weight Loss Goals

The Best Way To Separate Your Fitness Goals From Your Weight Loss Goals

Fitness myths circulate just as fast as the facts to the point where some can’t even tell the difference anymore. Just like how people think exercise is only for losing weight or that when they’re skinny, they don’t need to do weights and the like. Fitness is so much more than these myths. It is defined as the extent in which a person can perform work and leisure efficiently and effectively. It incorporates both diet and exercise and not just one of the two.

A lot of people just want to be thin nowadays and that’s their reason for spending so much time in the gym, but experts do not recommend this kind of thinking. Not only is it unhealthy but it promotes the wrong image for physical fitness.

The Best Way To Separate Your Fitness Goals From Your Weight Loss Goals

You have been introduced to the real definition of fitness, now here are reasons why it is more important than just losing weight. A person’s well-being doesn’t stop with being thin, it includes the inner workings of your body and this has to be considered healthy and in top condition too. With that said, it is needless to say that an important job that exercise does is that it helps in the better circulation of blood and oxygen that passes through the heart. And this good health spreads once the heart is well taken care of. A diet to pair with exercises, on the other hand, helps prevent thickening of the vessels that cause complications in the long run. You’ll have minimal to zero digestion problems  with proper diet and exercise. It has been said that poor digestive systems can lead to a decreased state of being. A wrong diet could give the worst impact in these cases. To get the best out of your digestive system, do not only focus on exercise but also a healthy diet. In addition, one could take a dietary supplement like turmeric which contains potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and helps stabilize one’s metabolism by decreasing inflammation in the GI tract and allowing your digestive system to work at its best.

When a person is fit, that means a healthy lymphatic and cardiovascular system. Although they have different things to focus on in the body, they are both important in keeping the person’s well-being together. Pursuing a healthy life keeps the bodily systems alive and happy which leaves the body to function more properly and at its best. If you take the short cut in working your cardiovascular system, you might end up with complications such as heart burn or even stroke. The most suited exercises for maintaining your cardiovascular system in top condition are cardio exercises.

It’s important to keep in mind that cardio is not aimlessly wasting away hours in the treadmill because over-fatigue to the body would be the opposite of what a person wants from the gym. Over-training also leads to possible fat build up and it would be hard to stop the impulses when it comes to food.

Exercising also helps keep the mind alert and sharp. It incorporates the brain and spinal cord which are vital parts of the body and must be dealt with care. Mental health is just as important as the physical attributes of a person. Doing just weight loss has nothing to do with the mental processes which is a lot more crucial to a growing child. When your motivation for getting thinner is simply because of the way you look, you are left with an external motivator with chances of getting more fatigued and negativity. Being fit is way better than being a size 0 at the end of the day.  Not only do you mess up your metabolism but you could have a rapid weight loss and that could lead to more weight gains in the future.

The different aspects of exercising such as cardio, strength and resistance paired with a healthy diet can help improve the musculoskeletal system. This in turn leads to longevity, less body pain, and better mood management. For cases that concern over-weight and obese individuals, weight loss isn’t the goal but getting back their fit bodies. It just so happens that during the process there are some activities that they could join.

Instead of weight loss, aim for fat loss. Losing fat and losing weight may sound interchangeable but they are not. No fitness junkie would like to lose weight, because that would also mean losing muscles, hormones and fluids. When talking about fat, it is referred to as the layer below the muscle that people would like to really work on. To know how much fat you are allowed to lose, you can take the body fat test especially for females. A cheat that some people do to lose weight is dehydrate themselves to keep their number in the scale as small as possible. Water was the only thing lost and not pounds, so once the water come backs in, there wouldn’t be much of a difference.

When there are overweight or obese individuals in the gym, there is a more obvious difference in their arms once strength training is conducted. This is because the fat below their muscle is worked and thus it puffs up to adapt. That’s the trick in strength training, you use it to build muscles and they in turn burn the fat as they adapt. More muscles can lead to a metabolism that keeps burning calories even when you’re lounging on the couch. If you lose weight and lose muscles, the metabolism starts to slow which in turn adds a few pounds with no signs of stopping. To save yourself from this situation, go to the gym and do some weights. Gain muscle and lose fat, not weight.  But always make sure you know what you’re doing at all times and that you’re away from harm.

There are so many false methods for losing weight and there is an equally high number of people, usually females who jump and grab at the opportunity to be instantly skinny. The thing is, fitness isn’t all about losing weight and the same is true vice versa. What’s most harmful about the said pseudo methods is how weight is lost and not just fat. It is pointed out earlier that building muscle is important for a person’s personal fitness and in reducing body fat.

Focusing on losing weight will just leave the body unhealthier that when you started while the choice of pursuing physical fitness means getting healthy the right way. That is having a harmonious relationship between exercise and a healthy balanced diet. You not only get a healthier mind, heart and body, but you also lose a lot more of the toxic stuff from the body. It isn’t worth it to take the short cut nowadays, because it will just come biting your butt in the long run. Fitness is the good life, while weight loss is a faux and temporary version of the former.

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