Top 5 Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts
Top 5 Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Top 5 Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell training has become one of the biggest fitness favorites in recent years. And it’s not only raved by beginners but also by athletes who have discovered the benefits of using kettlebells. In fact, athletes have sworn that they get their extra endurance and resistance by adding kettlebell into their training mix. Coaches also recommend this type of workout not only for training but also to increase the speed of recovery. Indeed, this kind of exercise is not just any other fad. This is the reason why it’s been highly-recommended in the world of strength training. Discover how kettlebell can be one of your best training workouts with these benefits.

Top 5 Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells provide hard cardio. It looks fun and it definitely is. But make no mistake, kettlebell is no light form of exercise. In fact, even the intense sprint cardio looks like a lightweight compared to this workout made up of high rep snatches. You will be working more muscles from your shoulders, lower back down to your hip flexors by using kettlebell. And if you think you have already reached your maximum heart rate, which is your goal when doing cardio, then you might be surprised at how kettlebell exercises can even increase it even more.

Since it is a very intense type of cardio, you will feel the calories burning compared to other types that you usually did to shape your body. It puts spinning or even aerobics into shame. So, if you want to add more excitement and have a very productive cardio session, mix your jogging and jump rope exercises with a kettlebell workout. The benefits of doing cardio on high intensity are even optimized better when you combine your old routines with the kettlebell exercise. To ease your body into the workout, place one-minute breaks after every set. As you progress through your training, decrease the seconds of your breaks. In time, conditioning your body will be so intense, you will be craving for more of it.

Aside from being a complete cardio workout, using kettlebell is also about strength training. It is an effective compound exercise that targets multiple joints instead of isolated muscle groups. Not only will you be torching those stored fats, you will also be getting maximum muscle gains. Get well-defined and strong muscles with this workout that is more superior that those isolation machines. Hit two birds with one workout by strengthening your muscles without leaving out your cardio routine.

Another reason why you would want to do kettlebell workouts is that it helps you get rid of fat faster and better. The mechanism of using kettlebell makes it one of the best fat-burning exercises there is. For one, your metabolism will jump through the roof as you throw the weight down. Secondly, since it is also classified as a strength training exercise, you will be developing your muscle mass which aids in faster calorie burning. And the effect does not only last until the end of your workout. With the intensity of the exercise, you will be getting the afterburn effect, which means that your body will continue to torch those fat stores and increase your metabolism even when you are already resting on your couch. Lastly, using kettlebell incorporates a lot of your muscle groups which stimulates an increase in hormone production. With elevated testosterone levels, you will be getting maximum muscle growth, which is essential in burning fat.

Kettlebell exercises are not only ideal for strength trainers, bodybuilders and athletes. Even individuals who have just started with their fitness can take full advantage of it. This is because the exercise also has real world implications.

When you are using kettlebell, you are exercising your body as a whole. Outside of the gym, you will observe that you have improved on your functional strength. You will have better coordination which prevents you from the risk of getting injuries and cramps. You will also improve on your strength, making it easier for you to carry heavy packages. And with the endurance exercise that kettlebell provides, exercises, climbing stairs and walking on long stretches would not feel like a burden anymore. The workout mechanism of kettlebell training also helps improve your stability and flexibility. Lastly, it is a great workout for your entire posterior chain. By doing kettlebell exercises consistently, it will become more effortless for you to stand tall and straight.

Recovery from working out is essential and kettlebell exercises help in this aspect. Especially if you are an athlete in training, you would want to have fast recovery to improve body conditioning and performance. However, when athletes perform intense strength training exercises to muscle failure, recovery can take a longer time. By incorporating kettlebell exercises into the workout routine, athletes can increase the chances of speedy recovery since they will be pumping blood into their muscles.

Lastly, kettlebell is never boring. A lot of people want to get fit. The thing is, not a lot of training exercises are fun to do. However, with kettlebell, your limits will be dictated by your creativity. For starters, it provides a unique and exciting way of exercising since it is unlike other aerobic exercises. Secondly, you can do different variations with kettlebell exercises, giving you the opportunity to modify it according to your preference. You can combine it with other training routines, basic drills and simple cardio so you can have a unique workout every time. With just a simple object, you can already come up with hundreds of different activities. Even just by changing the grip, you can already change the nature of the exercise.

Another thing that makes kettlebell fun is that you can do it anywhere. You don’t have to go to the gym to do these exercises, saving you your membership money and gym fees. You can bring it to the park for a fun afternoon and you can have a productive cardio at home, even when it’s raining outside. There are limitless possibilities in using the kettlebell. Kettlebell exercises are very easy and simple. Anyone can do it, even beginners and the elderly. No wonder, it is a staple all-around exercise for people who want to lose weight, gain muscles, improve performance and maintain their fitness.

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