Treating Arthritis With Chiropractic Care
Treating Arthritis With Chiropractic Care

Treating Arthritis With Chiropractic Care

When looking for a chiropractor for arthritis near me, you should have plenty to choose from.  Be sure that you look around at their images and see what their office is like. 

All chiropractic offices offer chiropractic care, but not all are the same. Some offer other services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture and massage. 

While there are others that do laser treatments and other things in an integrated practice such as IV treatment therapy, stem cell therapy, and platelet rich plasma (PRP).  Be sure that you find a chiropractor that offers X Rays as this is very important to those with arthritic problems.

While some arthritic problems can be helped with chiropractic care, it can also help with secondary issues. In fact, that is typically why people see a chiropractor because they are suffering from arthritic issues. 

Arthritis is in the joint and bones.  Because of this we tend to baby those joints more, leading to incorrect posture.  Think about it.  If your knee has arthritis in it, you might start to limp. 

This limp will throw your body out of balance and soon you will have pain from the poor posture you have been walking around in.  While the chiropractor can help with arthritis pain from time to time, quite often their care is sought for this secondary issue. 

Chiropractors Look At The Body As A Whole

Chiropractic has been around for generations.  It has improved over time and we, of course, have studied more and learned more about it.  It is a safe and effective manner in treating many pains of the body. 

While most people think of going to a medical doctor, a chiropractor is really who you should be seeing when you are in pain.  Chiropractors look at the body as a whole to fully determine what is actually causing the pain.  Just because you have pain, doesn’t necessarily mean it is due to that area. 

While medical doctors will focus on the area that is in pain, a chiropractor will focus on the body’s structure and alignment.  Most of our pain is because of misalignment.  This misalignment doesn’t necessarily have to be around the area that is in pain either.

Pain Doesn’t Necessarily Stem From That Area

For example, you have wrist pain.  Wrist pain and carpal tunnel are very common in the modern world.  As we move from manual labor into a more computer-driven society, we are sitting more and moving less.

This isn’t good for not only our waistlines, our bodies are not made for this, and it shows with our ailments.  This wrist pain is thought to be because we type too much in a space that isn’t set up correctly. 

While some of this might be true, there is actually a spot near the shoulder blade that can get hung up.  This causes the tendons in the wrist to pull back and thus pain. 

While a chiropractor would know that, a doctor would schedule you for surgery.  Surgery that quite often doesn’t really fix the issue anyway.  You will be out of work for a few weeks, not to mention regular activities.  Surgery is far more invasive and, since you didn’t fix the actual issue that caused the carpal tunnel, it will be back, most likely.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Arthritis Pain
How Chiropractic Care Helps Arthritis Pain

How Chiropractic Care Helps Arthritis Pain

How does chiropractic help arthritis?  Well, aside from helping with the secondary pain caused by the misalignments from limping, chiropractors have special methods they use to help certain joints. 

This can be combined with other pain management methods such as anti-inflammatories too.  When our bodies are inflamed, arthritis tends to be worse.  Keeping the inflammation down is key. 

However, some anti-inflammatories are all natural.  Most chiropractors are all about a natural approach.  If you would like to find out more about what you can do naturally to help with your arthritis, ask your chiropractor. 

There are certain supplements that are best to help your body naturally be better with inflammation.  Also, there are certain diets that can certainly help when followed as well.

While all chiropractors offer manipulation adjustments, some will offer information regarding your diet and even offer certain supplements in their offices.  This allows you to follow their treatment plan for the best results.

Some will have exercises that you do in the office as well as at home to strengthen the core muscles that help you keep the better posture they are working to achieve.  Following the treatment plan is key to the success of your chiropractic experience.

Follow Your Chiropractic Treatment Plan

While there is not one plan that fits all, all chiropractic treatment plans are fluid as well.  This means that you will have evaluations over time to ensure things are going as expected. 

Things such as long durations of sitting or long walks can affect the treatment plan as well as a fall or auto accident.  If you have an auto accident or large fall be sure to inform your active chiropractor right away.

This can jar the bones and harm the soft tissue found around the bones.  You may not be in pain yet, but give it a bit of time and you will start to see the effects of the car accident or fall. 

Arthritic pain affects many of us.  But, it is nice to see how chiropractic can help arthritis.  There is hope and with the proper nutrition and care you will start to see a difference in your arthritic pain. 

Be sure that you follow the instructions of the chiropractor and even keep a diary of things that you have eaten.  Sometimes you can see what causes flare ups such as gluten or sugar.  There are many different things that cause flare ups and it isn’t necessarily the same for everyone.

Give Your Body The Much Needed Rest That It Needs

When you have a flare up, be sure that you take some down time. This allows your body to heal better and have some rest.  While this is a bit annoying and not something anyone wants to plan, it is what it is. 

While you are on your downtime, research other things you can do to avoid flare ups. There is a host of information out on the internet about arthritis and what works for some people.  While there isn’t a cure, there are ways to cope with arthritis.

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