Discover The Benefits Of Integrating Chiropractic & Physical Therapy
Discover The Benefits Of Integrating Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Discover The Benefits Of Integrating Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Many people have seen a chiropractor and physical therapist before to help with muscle and back pain. The chiropractor will take a set of x-rays and come up with a patient treatment plan.  This treatment plan may include the need for physical therapy as well. This helps the patient recover from back or neck pain over time.

With the best physical therapy treatments combined with proper chiropractic care, you can see significant improvements. During the treatment, chiropractic care focuses on improving musculoskeletal health while a physical therapist treats the patient using specific strength and stretching exercises. The aim of physical therapy is to increase the movement of the muscles and bones of the problematic area.  While that of chiropractic care is looking after the alignment of the spine. Everyone knows that physical therapy techniques have been used to help with back and neck pain for years. As well as that chiropractic care is also beneficial for help with neck and back pain.  But a lot of people are yet to discover the amazing benefits of combining chiropractic and physical therapy to improve the health of their spine and neck.

What Is The Similarity Between Chiropractic And Physical Therapy?

While you may be convinced that chiropractic and physical therapy are two very different ways of achieving pain relief, they have a lot more in common than you might think. Both these techniques are used in their singular terms to address pain and handle mobility issues efficiently. Using hands-on solutions to such issues, both these techniques deliver desired results in the patient. The point of dissimilarity between the two occurs in its point of focus and application.

Best physical therapy, as well as chiropractic care, use different techniques. They both have their ways to assist with pain and rehabilitation resulting from surgeries or some kind of injury. Chiropractors use manipulation and adjustments to realign or fix the structure of the skeletal system. The job of a physical therapist is to evaluate the movement dysfunction of the patient.  Both work together to improve movement and mobility.

Certainly, both physical therapy and chiropractic address similar challenges. But they use dissimilar methodologies to attain the desired result. Hence combining chiropractic with the best physical therapy makes the perfect clinical match for patients.  They are perfect for those that have been injured or are recovering from any surgery. Also, both chiropractors and physical therapists help people facing mobility issues due to aging.

What Are The Jobs Of Chiropractors And Physical Therapists?

The spinal column will lose its natural curvature over the years due to poor posture and aging.   This causes extreme pressure and tension on the spinal column. With chiropractic care and physical therapy combined, those natural curvatures can be restored.  This allows the patient to have better mobility and less pain.  This is an all-natural way to help the patient get the relief they need.  Sometimes there isn’t pain exactly, but pressure on the nerves or aches.  This too will see relief with the assistance of the best physical therapy and best chiropractic care

The best physical therapy helps in strengthening and stabilizing the joints in the body. While chiropractors are mainly focusing on the spine area to ensure that proper nerve flow is established and maintained. Physical therapists are trained professionals whose job is to find the weakness in specific areas of the body.  They will then treat those areas accordingly to strengthen or reposition them. After analyzing the posture and structure of the patient’s body, a therapist will make a detailed treatment plan.  This plan will use their physical therapy techniques and exercises to aid the ailment.

Chiropractic And Physical Therapy
Chiropractic And Physical Therapy

How Does Combining Chiropractic With Physical Therapy Help In Achieving Perfect Results?

Over the years, it has been found that chiropractic and physical therapy work undeniably well in conjunction with one another. Thus, a number of clinics and health professionals suggest this method to help their patients. It is not only very effective for the ailment, but also helps in maintaining the health of the patient.

Chiropractors mostly focus on the spine. The misalignment of the spine can cause a number of symptoms.  The spine is the pillar of the body. Any complaint or issue relating to the spine will correspond to other areas. Hence, the work of a chiropractor intertwines with the work of a therapist. Any activity/movement/exercise/treatment plan by the chiropractor would affect the work of a therapist and vice versa. The basic job of both of them is to restore mobility to the body parts that are facing dysfunction.

The effects of combining chiropractic and the best physical therapy together result in a harmonized treatment plan.   

How Does This Work?

For people suffering from acute pain in the lower back, when you are worked on by both a chiropractor and a physical therapist, you will soon see some relief to this pain. The chiropractor will go over your health history, perform some X-rays (if necessary), and determine the cause of the pain and how to adjust the spinal area of concern. The chiropractor uses adjustments to address the skeletal structure, ensuring proper joint alignment at the same time.  They also take a look at your overall body and don’t only focus on one area.  Your spine and body all work as one.  Some medical professionals don’t do this.  For example, if you come in with knee pain, the medical doctor will only look at the knee.  However, the knee pain could be coming from your misaligned back and/or pelvis.

This is important, as you would get surgery on a knee that will just be in pain once again as it grinds incorrectly due to this misalignment.   Chiropractors and Physical Therapists approach the body as a whole in a very natural way.  There are no medications involved but they will have you use heat and ice to help with swelling.

The best physical therapy and chiropractic care working together.

Using the abilities and expertise of the physical therapist, various exercises, stretches, and joint mobilization techniques are suggested to the patients. This helps them recover from their injury or misalignment in a healthier manner within less time. Together, both chiropractic and physical therapists provide effective rehabilitation to the patient’s area of injury, inflammation, pain, or dysfunction. It allows them to return to their normal work schedule and daily activities sooner and with less pain.

With the effective combination of best physical therapy and chiropractic care, we ensure that our patients get recovered faster and stay healthy for a longer period of time. Our chiropractors use proper adjustments to address the misalignment and structural issues of the back and neck area. Physical therapy helps in addressing the strength and flexibility of the muscles around the spine and the joints of the human body. When the muscles around the spine are healthy, there is no more pain in the back or neck; hence the root cause of the problem is solved.

Needless to say, these treatments have staggering results on their own.  But when chiropractic and physical therapy are combined, the results are extraordinary.

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